Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Steps Up Barbaric Assaults on Christians


Dalga monastery

In this Sept. 3, 2013 photo, Egyptian Christian villagers clean up the damaged ancient chapel inside the Virgin Mary and St. Abraam Monastery that was looted and burned by Islamists, in Dalga, Minya province, Egypt. Dalga has been outside government control since hard-line supporters of the Islamist Mohammed Morsi drove out police and occupied their station on July 3, the day Egypt’s military chief removed the president in a popularly supported coup. It was part of a wave of attacks in the southern Minya province that targeted Christians, their homes and businesses. Photo: El Shorouk Newspaper, Roger Anis


President Obama went to Cairo and encouraged the people to rise up and call for freedom in 2009. They did. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton fully backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and demanded that the secular, moderate Muslims, and Christian Egyptians include the Muslim Brotherhood in their government despite their reluctance.

Obama and Clinton even took credit for it on 60 Minutes.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton who urge us to read Al Jazeera, the terrorist news outlet, assured us the Brotherhood were ‘moderates’ though they are in fact the front group and the father of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and others.

Even as the Brotherhood assaulted Christians and Muslim minorities as they took over the government, and as they threatened Israel, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton supported the Brotherhood.

After Morsi’s removal, they condemned the ouster and attempted to bully the Egyptian army into reinstating the dictator.

The Brotherhood were great admirers of Adolf Hitler in WWII but allegedly swore off violence and tried to pass themselves off as a political party when in fact they are a state within a state, determined to establish caliphates throughout the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood said that they would not seek office but did. Morsi became president after a banana Republic style run-off election, then spent a year converting Egypt into a dictatorship, worse in many ways than the one Egyptians fought against.

After Egyptians in the tens of millions took to the streets demanding the army oust Morsi and finally succeeded, the Islamists, led by the now outlawed Brotherhood, swore revenge on all Christians.

As they are doing in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are threatening, forcing conversions, and murdering Christians in a genocide ignored by the world.

The Pope wants peace and talks and is roundly criticized for it, however, Mr. Obama has expressed no interest in the plight facing Christians though he himself claims to be one.

There is a town in South Egypt – Dalga – that has been taken over by Morsi supporters.

Priests are watched by the Muslim Brotherhood now in charge, their ancient monastery was burned to the ground and looted. The church was destroyed and the remains of saints were desecrated. Christian homes and churches were ransacked in this town with a population of 120,000 which includes 20,000 Christians.

The takeover of Dalga took place the day after Morsi was deposed as part of an assault on Christians in the Minva province. It was the path the Muslim Brotherhood chose in retaliation for the ouster.

Obama has said nothing.

The army has attempted to take back the town but have been repelled.

The police and the military are overwhelmed fighting for the survival of Egypt in the al Qaeda dominated Sinai Peninsula.

Al Qaeda now threatens Minya and Assiut provinces which are home to Egypt’s two largest Christian communities.

Dalga has been devastated by the Brothehood. At least 40 Christian families have fled, their homes and stores ransacked. Criminals join in the looting and burning.

Attackers torch homes in all Christian neighborhoods. They even torched the home of an 80-year old Orthodox priest.

Christians who remain pay armed Muslim neighbors to protect them. Most Christian businesses cannot reopen.

Armed Islamists roam the streets and hold regular rallies demanding Morsi’s reinstatement. Christians do not leave their homes during the rallies – it would be much too dangerous.

They cannot hold mass. Christians are to have no role in society.

Muslims, even children, routinely insult them in the streets.

Dalga Christians live in complete humiliation and horror. This is not only happening in Egypt and Syria. It is happening all across the mid-East and Africa. They are ordered to serve their Islamist masters, even the priests are so ordered.

One former owner of a home and a gold store in Dalga was forced to flee when it became clear he would be murdered. He said life is now like ‘black tar.’

Christian homes, schools, orphanages, churches, monasteries are all being destroyed.

As this goes on, Mr. Obama has voted ‘present’ on the issue. He utters barely a word.

Minya province has become a stronghold for the Brotherhood and al Qaeda, including the extremist Gamaa Islamiya group.

Islamist influence continues to grow. Hundreds of jailed radicals were freed by Mosri. They allegedly swore off violence but they are still fomenting, recruiting and organizing violence. The Egyptian police force, particularly in Dalga, was infiltrated by Islamists thanks to Morsi.

Christians are paying the price in all of this.

Obama has not noticed or cared. Obama is worried about George Zimmerman and not allowing photo ID’s that would protect the vote of the American people. He is worried that Arizona will try to enforce immigration law. He is afraid that Lousiana will give school vouchers to poor black children to go to better schools, upsetting the racial balance because he is, after all, a social engineer. Obama concerns himself with Florida’s weak attempt at trying to clean up their voter rolls of dead and ineligible people. He is very concerned about the rights of radical Muslim groups in the US, even those who are unindicted co-conspirators. He wants to take our guns, leaving us powerless in a very dangerous world.

He was Morsi’s biggest ally, as was former Secretary of State Clinton. They couldn’t send enough money and they couldn’t send it fast enough, even as Morsi threatened our key ally in the region, Israel, even as the Congress said no to funding.

Obama is too busy destroying the healthcare system of the United States under false pretenses.

Syria is now on Obama’s plate – half-heartedly so – as he makes a weak plea for a cowardly shot across the bow and a quick escape. We are supposed to get behind that.

His support for the Syrian Christians who are being threatened, robbed, tortured, and executed is non-existent.

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Update: 9/8/13: The town is now controlled by the Islamists, some are Al Qaeda. They are our allies apparently.


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