Obama’s ‘No Congress’ Dictatorial Rule Is About to Explode


Obama rules by fiat1


Photo of King Obama

Since there is absolutely no pushback to Obama’s strident ‘do it or else I will’ approach to running what used to be a representative Republic, he plans to move ahead with more far-reaching executive orders on voting rights (in violation of the SCOTUS decision), health care, jobs, the economy, climate change, and immigration.

Politico, one of Obama’s many mouthpieces in the media, likes to call it a ‘no-congress’ strategy. It would be more appropriate to call it an unconstitutional, dictatorial overreach. Strategy hardly covers what Obama has done and plans to do more of.

Obama is fundamentally transforming the nation from one in which the people rule to one in which the government rules.

Obama is meeting with congressional Democrats to get them fully on board and to get their ideas.

He told the Congressional Black Caucus earlier this month that ‘I have to figure out what I can do outside of Congress through executive actions.’ Rep. Judy Chu at a meeting of the congressional Asian Pacific Caucus said that Obama told them in the White House last week that ‘He’s ready to use his executive powers whenever possible.’

Politico says he is done caring whether Republicans call him a dictator or call him at all. I missed the part where he ever cared.

Obama has continually ignored Congress but we are warned, officials and advisers are telling the state-sponsored media – like Politico – that ‘what’s ahead will be more extensive and frequent than previous efforts and they are on the ‘hunt’ for anything that can move without congressional approval, including lawsuits by Eric Holder.

Holder likes to use taxpayer money to sue other taxpayers. Expect more of that waste.

Obama is taking all suggestions on what rules he should implement in his domination by Fiat. Such things as Medicaid, wages, emission standards, and ordering up new Democrats through his own legalization plan are all being fed into the Obama machine.

Obama’s executive orders are not like any presidents before. His are not temporary – they are life-changing and will fundamentally transform our country.

Obama the dictator, in an interview with the the New York Times last week, indicated that gun rights, immigration reform, and tax redistribution were high priorities [expect executive actions to put his mandates in place]. He knows the Democratic Senate will back him. They don’t have our backs.

When questioned about where his authority to ignore Congress comes from, he simply said that claims he is overstepping his authority are ‘predictable’ and ‘irrational.’ He said ‘ some of those folks think I usurp my authority by having the gall to win the presidency.’

Is that so?!?

Obama is under the impression that the presidency is a dictatorship and he has no desire to negotiate.

Rep. Luis Guitterez said it’s tough for him because he doesn’t get to call the shots, even as Obama states his plan to call all the shots and even though he has gotten his way on almost every issue.

It is precisely Guitterez’ thinking that has promoted the false notion that Obama is a bystander, an outsider, who helplessly watches the minority of Republicans who do fight back, prevent him from saving the nation with more taxes and government spending.

In actuality, he’s turning the country into a Socialist nation where the people operate as a collective and the government calls the shots.



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