Obama’s Not Surprised by the Party’s Far-Far-Left Shift & Embraces It


Megalomaniac Barack Obama is concerned that the 2020 primary candidates are trashing his legacy. Word has seeped out to that effect and his wingmen, Eric Holder, and Rahm Emanuel have expressed their concerns about the far-left extremism they are hearing.

Barack wants to make sure Democrats win and, also, his enormous ego is on the line here. However, he also said, he isn’t surprised by the movement to the hard-left and embraces new ideas and approaches.

CNN reports:

“And Obama has privately expressed some disapproval of what he views as unrealistic proposals from some Democratic candidates, according to a source familiar with those conversations.”

Translation, he’s really ticked off.

From health care to immigration to trade, key accomplishments of the Obama administration came under fire and faced a sometimes-unflattering re-examination by candidates eager to keep their campaigns alive by trying to prove their progressive credentials.

Their direct target wasn’t Obama himself, but rather his former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads a large pack of Democrats looking to distinguish themselves in the party’s crowded presidential primary fight. Biden has tied himself closely to Obama, casually referring to his former boss as “Barack” in a bid to illustrate their closeness and benefit from his popularity.

The flipside of that strategy, it turns out, is tarnishing the very record Biden hopes to ride into the White House.

The party is going very far left.

Liberal candidates advocating for a government-run health care system have deemed Obama’s signature law, the Affordable Care Act, as inadequate. Some of Biden’s Democratic rivals attempted to hold him accountable or the high level of deportations during Obama’s tenure. Even the massive trade pact his administration negotiated with Pacific Rim nations was criticized as lacking environmental and labor protections – by Biden himself.

Trump, who watched the debates and is following the Democratic primary closely, gleefully took note.

“The Democrats spent more time attacking Barack Obama than they did attacking me, practically,” Trump told a rally crowd Thursday night in Cincinnati.

A spokesman for Obama on Thursday declined to comment on the attacks, keeping with the former President’s practice of not directly weighing in on the 2020 campaign and political discussions.

But the blistering criticism underscores a dramatic shift underway inside the Democratic Party, which is no longer the party of Obama, despite him being out of office less than three years.

Aged, sleepy Joe, suffering from a severe lack of awareness of his surroundings, is really surprised.

“I must tell you, I was a little surprised how much the incoming was about Barack,” Biden said Thursday as he emerged from the Detroit One Coney Island diner, a post-debate stop to mingle with Michigan voters.

“This is three years later,” Biden said. “The world has changed.”


Barack isn’t surprised or unhappy with the shift per se.  The reason could be that he is a Marxist and was incrementally moving the USA in that direction. Also, it should be noted that there is nothing ‘liberal’ about any of this.

People close to Obama, who have discussed the party’s changing dynamic with him, say he isn’t at all bothered by the progressive shift among Democrats. He embraces new ideas and approaches, just as he advocated for 12 years ago in his first campaign against then-Sen. Hillary Clinton when he was seen as a fresh and more liberal voice.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This is the direction he wanted by his claim of ‘Transforming America’.