Obama’s Terrorist Pal, Dictator Mohammed Morsi, Sentenced to Death in Egypt



An Egyptian court has sentenced ousted president Mohammed Morsi to death over a mass prison break in 2011. He was already serving 20 years in jail for ordering the arrest and torture of protesters, which Barack Obama condemned.

It will now go to a religious court for an opinion.

Morsi was deposed in July 2013 after the people rose up and General el-Sisi came to their rescue.

Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist group Barack Obama hung his hat on, attempted to make Egypt into another dictatorship.

Barack Obama has never stopped insisting he be restored since he is the legally-elected president. Obama condemned the ouster by millions of Egyptians.

Remember 2011, when Obama wanted his pal to stay in office even though he was a dictator supporting a terrorist group?

According to USA Today, when Obama called Morsi prior to the coup, he told him to address opposition grievances, protesters to remain peaceful, and he warned the military that if they staged a coup they would lose their massive US military aid. He did later remove military aid.

Obama was not neutral as he claimed publicly at the start of the protests. He was actively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, instead of allowing the military to reform the government.

Prior to this, Obama and his Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, actively supported the Brotherhood.

Take a trip down memory land – this is what Egyptians thought of Obama’s dictator via Doug Ross and the 15 photos you will never see in the legacy media:

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo8 photo9 photo10 photo11 photo12 photo14 phto7 phtoot13


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Morsi called Jews descendants of apes and pigs

Menendez and McCain and Graham supported the terrorists to varying degrees.


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