Obama’s Peeps Turn to Violence on May Day


The Anarchists, along with Communists, Socialists, Democratic-Socialists and other like-minded groups, formed Occupy Wall Street in 2011, an organization which continues today. They work hand-in-hand with open borders groups and unions.

The goal of most in these groups is to overthrow our Constitutional government and replace it with a Marxist government.

Violence is acceptable to the majority of them.

May Day was two days ago. It is the day when all communists march for the “workers.” They are actually marching for communism, not “workers.” Read about it here.

The media went silent on the violent riots that took place in the US May 1 and they decided to report on them as largely peaceful protests. I searched the Internet because I know the Occupy crowd and I know they are not peaceful. May Day is their big day.

I could find almost nothing reality-based in the mainstream media.

Fox News is reporting on what really went down May 1 while the rest of the media continues to ignore the vicious behavior by some of Barack Obama’s support base.

In fact, when news of riots seeped out, Harry Reid tried to say they were Tea Party protesters. These are Occupiers, the people Obama has spoken favorably of and who Nancy Pelosi praised and encouraged.

The people in this video are the Occupy Wall Street crowd in Seattle. They threw rock bottles, rocks, metal pipes and hammers at police. They like to agitate the police and then publicize staged photos that make the police look abusive even though they are the ones being abused:

I checked out the New York City protests this year. The same people who were members of New York City’s Occupy Wall Street in 2011 are the same people who were causing disorder this May 1st. The groups are funded by MoveOn and similar far left organizations.


photo of May Day Chicago with more peaceful protesters who hope to overturn the US government.


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