Obama’s Picking the Next President & All Have One Trait in Common


The Washington Post reported Barack Obama met with Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, a fake Hispanic and a very, very far-left candidate who failed in his bid to take the Senate seat away from Ted Cruz. That was despite the $100 million in donations.

The post wrote:

“The meeting was the first sign of Obama getting personally involved in conversations with O’Rourke, who despite his November loss in a U.S. Senate race in Texas has triggered more recent discussion and speculation than any other candidate in the burgeoning 2020 field.”

That’s not exactly accurate, but it is the Post. The Obamas are producing a docu-fake-drama about him.

Obama met with other presidential candidates in June. He met with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Deval Patrick, Politico reported.

O’Rourke is reportedly “being swamped by calls from Democratic operatives eager to work for him”. The Democrats seem to think that because he’s probably the best looking candidate and he’s young that he is the new JFK. Beto is seeking Obama’s advice on how to proceed.

Obama has already planned a propaganda movie about the fake Hispanic Beto. The Obamas seem to be zeroing on him as they assume the role of kingmakers. But they are leaving their options open.

Socialist Warren appears to be staffing up for a 2020 run. Commie Bernie is too. Deval Patrick dropped out.

Failed Florida gubernatorial candidate and communist Andrew Gillum met with former President Barack Obama on Tuesday, according to CNN.

The one thing that is obvious, if you haven’t noticed, is the one trait they all have in common — they are all socialist/communist operators.

Your new foul-mouthed president:

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Janice Kraczon
Janice Kraczon
4 years ago

They ought to be running from obama. Look how much he did for hillary. LMAO