Obama’s Police Task Force Snuck This One By Us – Illegal Alien Felons Get to Stay



The Obama administration’s Police Task Force has a new “recommendation” that law enforcement better follow. Local police are no longer to report illegal alien felons to any agency that could deport them.

Local, State and County law enforcement will no longer have any jurisdiction over this class of criminal when it comes to deportation – Homeland Security will have sole responsibility. They’ve been silenced.

Sheriff Paul Babeau discussed this latest abomination out of the White House on Neil Cavuto’s show this afternoon.

The Arizona Sheriff said we now have the finishing touches to President Obama’s “no enforcement of the law when it comes to illegal immigration because the majority of law enforcement are us – local, state, county law enforcement.”

“When criminals are arrested, they come to local, state and county jail,” he said. The task force report wants to “decouple the relationship with ICE and Homeland Security with those of us in local, state and county law enforcement,”  Babeau explained.

The administration doesn’t want local police to cooperate with the feds when they arrest illegals even with notifications to them or the transfer of the illegal to their custody.

This new “recommendation” from the 21st Century policing task force of leftist loons  “undermines the rule of law” and “completely guts” any effort at enforcing immigration law.

The new report falsely claims local police are “harming the perishable trust with law enforcement” when “they get into this area of holding illegals accountable for breaking the laws.”

Apparently the feds want us to be trusted by illegal alien criminals. They did release 30,000 of them into our neighborhoods last year alone.

If police try to round up these criminal aliens, the police will be held accountable, not the felons.

This new rule or “recommendation” takes away the authority of police to deal in any way with deportation of criminal aliens who break state and local laws.

We are keeping these most violent offenders in our country. Fabulous! This is what federalized policing looks like

The blood of any American harmed or killed by illegal alien criminals is on the hands of Obama and his minions.

Whatever happened to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s declaration that we can now concentrate on deporting felons and on gang members or President Obama promising the same for that matter?

What we have from Republicans so far is crickets.


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