Obama’s Policies Are Putting Us on an Irreversible Path


Barack Obama’s policies have put the U.S. on a dangerous and soon-to-be irreversible path that is leaving the U.S. and her allies more-and-more isolated. The time will come when we will have no avenue by which to attack our enemy should it become necessary.

There is no sign that the policies will change because the ideology to which our leaders adhere is written in stone and the president operates without the other branches of government to guide him. His advisors are only those who will tell him what he wants to hear.

Megyn, Krauthammer

In this post, we seek to give a summary of the latest events adding to what is now an obvious path to United States powerlessness led by Barack Obama.

The following is a summary of Charles Krauthammer’s remarks on The Kelly File Friday evening.

What prompted the latest clash between Israel and Obama was the unprecedented move by the administration to use a foreign leader (David Cameron) to lobby Congress on the Iranian sanction question.

John Boehner then invited Netanyahu to speak without consulting Barack Obama who would have rejected the idea.

In retaliation, Obama would choose to not let Netanyahu speak on an issue that is life-and-death to Israelis.

[White House officials have been engaged in anti-Semitic rants against Netanyahu anonymously and like cowards to Israeli newspapers, calling Netanyahu’s willingness to speak before Congress “a slap in the face” and claiming the U.S. cannot trust him.]

Obama has reduced it to a school yard brawl.

Obama has less sympathy for Israel than any president in our history, Krauthammer said.

He had Netanyahu leave the White House through the rear entrance the first time he visited because they disagreed. Obama immediately makes it personal.

Israel is our strongest ally in the region, dedicated to the West. Iran is responsible for thousands of U.S. deaths in the region. Meanwhile the president attacks Israel and treats Iran with the utmost respect.

Iran is on the march and it’s greater than just Iran-Israel relations.

The Gulf arabs are extremely worried about Iran which will now surround them. They see Obama as having ceded the bomb to Iran. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen will be controlled by Iran.

They see the U.S. as having abdicated and ready to let Iran go nuclear. They have relied on the U.S. for 20 years and they are militarily weak.

With all this going on, Jen Psaki claims Iran said they didn’t really mean the Death to America rants.

Unbelievably, Obama said he has deprived the terrorists of a safe haven.

ISIS is in the middle of the Middle East. We have al Qaeda in Iraq and Yemen. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have a terrorist safe haven. Libya is completely anarchtic to the point where terror groups are acting openly and independently.

“The president actually imagines we are shrinking the space in which terrorists are acting,” Charles said.

That’s what worries you, with Yemen, we hear [from the administration] they [Iranians] don’t really mean it, we’re [the administration] assessing the situation…the Gulf states are scared to death.

The Saudis know what’s happening and they are scared to death because not only are the terrorists bent on destroying American and Israel, they will destroy all nations that supported America.

Mr. Obama said ISIS was a JV team a week before they took over. It is remarkable that a U.S. president could not know this was happening.

He thinks the U.S. is a bully and he deliberately put us into retreat. Mr. Obama won’t turn from his worldview that terror is caused by the U.S.

The results of his policies are obvious, the vacuum does not stay a vacuum, and into the vacuum has come ISIS,al Qaeda, Iranians, the Houthis and that is the result of his policies.


It will grow much worse.

It’s not only our allies who will be isolated. The U.S. will be isolated.

All anti-terror operations in Yemen have been halted. We don’t even know what is going on in Yemen. We knew this was going to happen months ago but Obama did nothing. He is still doing nothing. Yemen is the country where the most dangerous faction of al Qaeda and now Iran operate.

His successful strategy in Yemen and Somalia is the one he will use to destroy ISIS:

Eventually, we will have no place from which to launch an offensive.

Yemen was an important base and we are going to lose it.

It is going to get much worse and the U.S. will have far less influence. Mr. Obama does not count Iran’s takeover as meaningful. It’s still a “tiny country” to him.

Mr. Obama thinks we are in a better position when every country is equally powerful and the U.S. grovels from a point of weakness like other non-terror nations.

Lands currently under Iranian influence:

lands under Iranian control

Listen to Middle East expert, Dr. Walid Phares:

Remember this from last February?


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