Obama’s ‘Possibly Terrorist’ Brother Now Advertises His Jew Hatred


We don’t pay too much attention to Barack Obama’s brother Malik here at the Sentinel but Maggie’s Notebook had a post we could not ignore.

Malik Obama was the best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding and Barack was the best man at one of Malik’s weddings.  They are tight.

Malik is the Executive Secretary to Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir who was charged with Genocide in 2010 by the International Court. Malik might be labeled a terrorist soon because of his activities on behalf of Al-Bashir.

Malik runs a Washington-based consulting firm. He’s the man, you might remember, who received tax-exempt status – expedited – from Lois Lerner while she, at the same time, targeted conservatives.

Malik Obama was photographed recently with a Hamas scarf bearing the slogan, “Jerusalem is ours – we are coming!”


Malik Obama with Hamas scarf

Go to Maggie’s Notebook for the full story.

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