Obama’s Presidency Is Over for the Public But He’s Just Getting Started



NBCs Chuck Todd noticed that Barack Obama’s poll numbers are “cratering” and he no longer has the backing of the American people, something conservatives saw coming. It’s one scandal after another, one crisis after another.

Todd is half-right. Unfortunately, Obama’s presidency has only just begun.

Barack Obama’s constant refrain is that he has a pen and a phone and he will use them which he does quite liberally. He has brought socialist and George Soros comrade, John Podesta, on board to force through his agenda in the last two plus years he has left.

In the last few weeks alone, he has opened up the southern border of the United States, calling invaders “refugees” and calling the invasion a “humanitarian crisis”. He held a ceremony this past weekend honoring DREAMers knowing full well that the DREAM Act has inspired the shipping of innocent little children and gangbangers to the U.S. via the Rio Grande Valley.

He will not stop the invasion and has in fact barely recognized its existence. Texas is so overwhelmed by the influx of thousands a day, and that includes many adults, that they are shipping them to Arizona, not having notified the Governor.

Many are being sent to states like New York, Virginia, Massachusetts and the governors have not been notified.

Some of the children have family here illegally and others sent their children hoping to follow. Do we really want child abusers here as immigrants?

The violence in their home countries, which has been present for many years, is the excuse, but it is Obama’s policies and lack of action to stem the tide that is making this happen. We are now responsible for all the world’s poor if they make it through our borders. The fact that some are terrorists and drug cartels is of little consequence.

At this point, I want to say that I am very concerned about the little children who came here on their own. If they are better off here, after surviving such a terrible journey, I do think we should keep them here. We do, however, need to close the borders.

Obama passed another executive order this past week that requires border agents to avoid any situation in which they must draw their guns. Mr. Obama, who won’t allow Border agents to pursue smugglers, invaders and terrorists, has incredibly tightened the restrictions on border agents yet again. They must now avoid any situation that could involve lethal action. They can’t even block the cars of drug runners.

He is not only refusing to add agents to the border, he is refusing to allow agents to do the job because this is about fundamentally transforming the United States and doing it irrevocably.

Expect big things with climate change. It’s the war he is willing to fight, a war which has little in the way of provable data but lots of computer models and predictions.

He is gradually destroying coal and will go after gas and oil.

He rammed through another executive order last week stealing a million-and-a-half acres of the Pacific Ocean to keep fishing and drilling from the area. He circumvented congress by expanding a monument and keeping the acreage just under the number that would have brought congress into it.

This order will begin the process of conforming to the UN Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) which will require the US to share resources and pay developing countries for our use of natural resources. The treaty requires parties to the treaty adopt regulations and laws to control pollution of the marine environment. These are the ideas that Ronald Reagan rejected as contrary to U.S. values of freedom.

Obama has every intention of land grabbing.  He has been expanding federal control over US lands throughout the West and recently issued an executive order seizing 500,000 acres of New Mexico land which will become fertile territory for drug cartels and goats.

Obama’s cronies in the extremist environmental movement, with whom he eagerly cooperates, use irrelevant animals and plants to steal land from private land owners or make it impossible to use their own land.

People often say that he is bending to the extremists in the environmental movement but that is incorrect. He is an extremist in the environmental movement.

The looney Center for American Progress laid out the blueprint for the use of executive orders, rule making, agencies et al, to circumvent Congress in the organization’s definitive report, The Power of the President, Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change.

To quote Mr. Podesta, ‘The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated.’

Obama is the president, he can do whatever he wants. He said it himself:

One of the biggest agenda items on their list is climate change. We can expect our prices for energy to ‘necessarily skyrocket’ by the time they are done. Their Climate Action Plan looks remarkably similar to Agenda 21.

He even had the VA tweeting about saving the oceans last week. He has every agency prepared to push his agenda and the media is merely an arm of the executive branch.

His latest executive order curbing discrimination against LGBTs could be a problem for anyone who is not an LGBT. It will ban federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of their sexual orientation, a White House official said Monday. We have yet to see it but it “protects” LGBTs and those who are gender confused or refuse to acknowledge a gender. He is circumventing congress.

It is ENDA for federal workers.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is legislation proposed in the United States Congress that would prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by employers with at least 15 employees.

Currently, Obama’s executive order will only cover federal contractors but it’s a beginning. LGBTs want ENDA passed for all businesses, public and private.

If a business is required to accept LGBTs and any appearance they might choose to present at work, will they be able to fire them if they don’t conform to the company dress code unspoken or not? For example, could a transgender come to work as a man or woman on any given day in say – a bank, a Catholic school, a financial firm?

According to some legal analysts, ENDA could force Christian employers to:

  • Maintain a workplace environment that affirms sexual behavior the employer and other employees consider wrong,
  • Discipline employees who don’t affirm such behavior in mandated diversity training and other situations,
  • Even restrict religious expression of employees that might offend co-workers.

One of the latest PC attacks on free speech is to ban the use of the words ‘gay lifestyle’ as homophobic and bigoted. It’s meant to silence opposition.

The ban is not about ending discrimination, it is meant to fundamentally transform America.

When Obama released five Taliban terrorists, one of whom is a war criminal, he ignored congress despite the law he signed. He doesn’t concern himself with the safety of the public. He will close GITMO and that was his ultimate purpose in releasing the terrorists. He is obsessed with it and he wants all war criminals to be tried as if they robbed a store or, in the case of the Taliban five, he wants them released.

Obama has unlawfully rewritten Obamacare with executive orders and rules. He will continue to do so without resistance.

Then there is his refusal to enforce federal law on marijuana as two states legalized it.

He has issued executive orders to force all Americans to pay for everyone else’s college education. It’s part of his redistribution agenda.

He issued an executive order on the minimum wage of federal workers and would like to control all salaries throughout the United States. You didn’t build that and it’s all about social justice.

Expect more on gun control, limiting of offensive speech, possibly abortion, and any other extreme agenda item that has been mentioned during his presidency.

Obama has only just begun. He is a Marxist who believes in redistribution, social justice, economic justice, and government control over all facets of our lives.

Mr. Obama thinks that leaving a legacy of having fundamentally transformed America into a Marxist nation is the legacy that will wrap him in glory when the history books are written about his presidency. He doesn’t care about poll numbers or what most Americans want. He is here to force through an agenda and that is what he plans to do. He has more than two years left in which to do it.

It’s ironic that in this video, he claims to want to go after Wall Street. Wall Street has prospered under him, the middle class hasn’t, but that’s what Marxism does:

The American people voted for socialism/commnism when they voted for Barack Obama: