Obama’s ‘Pretty Sacred Rule’, Never Leave a Deserter Behind




Barack Obama spoke at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland at 7:02 EST today to address the growing concerns about the exchange of five top Taliban commanders for one alleged deserter – Bowe Bergdahl – who might also be a traitor.

Mr. Obama said he has no interest in prosecuting Bowe Bergdahl as a deserter.

The Army said in a separate statement that they might investigate but you can see where this is going.

No one is questioning Bergdahl right now according to Mr. Obama because he has been held captive for five years.

The concern is not only that Bergdahl deserted, but it’s also that Bergdahl’s buddies in the platoon believe he was looking for the Taliban when he deserted in order to join them.

Mr. Obama said the United States has a “pretty sacred rule and that is we don’t leave our men or women in uniform behind and that dates back to the earliest day. Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity. Period. Full stop. We don’t condition that.”

In other words, five dangerous terrorists are a fair exchange. These terrorists – war criminals – who were hailed as heroes in Qatar yesterday, and who will undoubtedly return to the battlefield, will put our military and our allies in danger. But we don’t condition getting a deserter back.

Obama is the man who left the men of Benghazi behind. He is the man who left the men and women of Ft. Hood behind. They have never even received a purple heart though they were victims of a terrorist. Obama is the man who has left Sgt. Tahmooressi behind in Mexico.

Obama said his administration had consulted Congress “for some time” about the possibility for a prisoner exchange, although the White House did not tell lawmakers the deal was made until after the fact.”

On Sunday on State of the Union, Susan Rice, his National Security Advisor, attempted to say that the administration did tell Congress but moderator Candy Crowley did not let her get away with it.

Listen to the exchange at 02:55:

That lie didn’t work so Mr. Obama made a slight adjustment. They see their job as keeping the truth from the American public.

Mr. Obama’s use of the word “consultation” today insinuates cooperation and fluid discussion but that is a brazen lie. Neither Democrats nor Republicans wanted to trade the five Taliban in a deal discussed in 2013 which also included opening up talks with the “good” Taliban and Afghanistan. At the time, the Afghans rejected any efforts to negotiate with the terrorists – the Taliban – the ones we rid the country of to “liberate” Afghans.

Congress rejected the idea of the exchange all along and as recently as February, they voiced their concerns. The intelligence community was opposed. James Clapper completely rejected the idea.

Secretary of State John Kerry attempted to negotiate such a deal without the Afghans last year but it failed.

At the time, Sen. Dianne Feinstein said these Taliban were very dangerous and must not be released. The Pentagon reported that they are most likely to go back to terrorism.

What else are theses terrorists going to do? Herd sheep?

Mr. Obama made it clear he would move ahead with this deal.

As recently as February, Senate Democrats were opposed to the swap.

Sen. Carl Levin said that “such transfers would be premature and should only be considered after the Taliban has engaged in positive discussions on reconciliation,” which they have yet to do. He added that he “expressed some real concerns” about the transfer both privately and publicly.

Barack Obama elevated the Taliban to legitimacy by attempting to negotiate with them though they are the very people -terrorists – we went into Afghanistan to defeat. They are al Qaeda, just another faction.

In January of 2013, Obama bullied Karzai into offering the Taliban, an arm of al Qaeda, a seat at the table.

Karzai and Obama, who met at the White House January 12, 2013, offered the following statements:

“Ultimately security gains must be matched by political progress, so we’ve recommitted our nations to a reconciliation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban,” Obama said. “President Karzai updated me on the Afghan government’s road map to peace, and today we agreed that this process should be advanced by the opening of a Taliban office to facilitate talks.”

Karzai agreed this would be an important step for the peace process.

“We also agreed on the steps that we should be taking in the peace process, which is of highest priority to Afghanistan,” Karzai said. “We agreed on allowing a Taliban office.”

He believes in including any of the worst terrorists in new governments.

One must remember that Afghanistan is Obama’s war. He and Hillary Clinton said it was the “good” war that must be fought.

The Taliban are the ones who have committed the atrocities on their own people and killed our soldiers since we attempted to free Afghanistan. Women are subjugate and abused. The people are terrorized by the Taliban.


Taliban beating a woman in the streets while a child watches.

Obama would not stop in his attempts to release these five GITMO detainees.

Last July, there were reports he had released them and was sending them to other countries, two to Algeria.

When Karzai wouldn’t go along with his deal to negotiate with the Taliban, the excuse for releasing the terrorists fell apart. He still had his one bargaining chip – Bowe Bergdahl.

The government has leaked information periodically into his compliant press about concerns over Bergdahl’s health. The Taliban who held Bergdahl were cooperative in releasing another video which made Bergdahl appear somewhat helpless and sad. Obama’s PR team exploited that.

Why was Mr. Obama so anxious to release these Taliban and why did he look for any excuse to release them? There is one powerful reason and it’s the only one left – GITMO. He hates GITMO and probably believes without GITMO, people around the world will love us. By releasing the worst of the worst of the prisoners at GITMO, the other 149 to be released will pale in comparison.

Senior White House officials admitted we negotiated with the Taliban though they don’t seem to communicate with one another. Susan Rice claimed we didn’t negotiate directly with the Taliban after the White House admitted they did.

Listen to Susan Rice saying Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” after having deserted. This woman has no credibility and she’s our National Security Advisor. Go to 07:21:

Today the White House is apologizing for not notifying congress after Rice said they did notify congress.

Mr. Obama doesn’t care if he endangers American lives to get what he wants – it’s about him and his ideology and there are no conditions. Full stop. Period.

The White House has indicated that their foreign policy doctrine is to not do “stupid sh…stuff.” Then why do they?

Stupid is as stupid does: