Obama’s Priorities In Photos


President Obama doesn’t have the incentive to go to the border for any photo-ops. We can, however, see where his values are after checking out the photo-ops from his last night in Denver.

He pretended he was connecting with real people, one happened to be a man in a horse’s head mask.

obama greets man in horse head mask

He went out drinking with Gov. Hickenlooper, who wouldn’t meet him at the airport.

Obama drinking

He played pool with Hickenlooper.


Obama loves gorilla statues.


Where he didn’t have his photo taken is more interesting.

He isn’t greeting the trains of illegals arriving from drug and crime infested countries.

illegals on the train

He isn’t meeting with the children who are members of MS-13.

MS-13 via Townhall

He’s not helping the Border Patrol unload illegals brought over by drug cartels.

illegals coming by sea

He’s not hanging with the children on the concrete floors.


LaRaza, his favorite Chicano group, is anxious to meet him in Murrieta.

LaRaza militants

He will only meet with Governor Perry if Perry attends a meeting with leftists for a photo-op to promote comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive Immigration Reform, like the Senate bill, would do nothing for the problem we now have. Obama wants $3.7 billion but none of the money will go to closing the border, which means they will keep coming. Instead, he wants $80,000 per illegal to make them comfortable.