Obama’s Re-election Means the End of Coal


First posted June 24, 2012: The war on coal is alive and well. The ultimate goal of the anti-coal regulations is to destroy the coal industry without giving them an opportunity to produce clean coal. Extremists do not believe clean coal is possible so they have decided to eliminate it.

A U.S. Senate resolution to block the harsh EPA regulations on existing coal-fired plants has been rejected 46-53 with only 5 Senate Democrats voting for the resolution. The regulations are so stringent and so abrupt that they will destroy the coal industry.

Only 56% of current coal plants can meet the new requirements. The deadline of 3 years, and in some cases 5 years, will be very costly. The cost will be passed down to the consumer.

Next week, the overly severe EPA regulations for new coal plants come into effect. They will eliminate the building of almost all new coal plants.

Nearly half of the electricity in the U.S. is fueled by coal. Jobs will be lost.

Read more at CNBC


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