Obama’s Rebel Allies Attack Christians in Syria


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WaPo photo of Christian village currently under attack by Al-Qaeda-linked rebels. Assad forces are attempting to protect the Christians.

Updates at the end of the article

NPR and the AP reported that Syrian Al-Qaeda-linked rebels, the same rebels the US has aligned with, are assaulting a regime-held Christian mountain village in West Syria. Assad’s forces are trying to protect the Christians. They are under heavy fire.

There is no doubt that Assad, as evil as he is, has protected the Christian community.

Raymond Ibrahim, author and Middle East expert, reported that the Arabic news agency Al Hadath said this was a terror attack on Syria’s Christians. The Al-Qaeda rebels “terrorized the Christians, threatening to be avenged on them after the triumph of the revolution,” wrote Al Hadath.

Al-Qaeda rebels intend to commit genocide on Christians and secularists after we help them defeat Assad. Senator McCain strongly believes we can help the good rebels without bringing these radical Islamists to power. It is hard to imagine him coming to their aid if Assad is defeated.

Christians are being wiped out throughout the Middle East and our administration is saying and doing nothing about it.

If we go to war without clear objectives, how will Mr. Obama handle the aftermath? We have done miserably in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. They’re good indicators.

Rep. McCaul has been told by officials that half of the 70,000 to 90,000 rebels are Al-Qaeda. If that is the case, what do we do with them after the victory against Assad? Do we help defeat them or let them take over the government? Do we really trust this president to handle the end-result? Has anyone noticed that Obama never mentions the Christian genocide?

In an interview Wednesday, Putin asked, ‘…if it turns out that the armed rebels are the ones who used weapons of mass destruction, what will the United States do with the armed rebels?  And what will it do with those sponsoring the rebels? Will they stop supplying them with arms? Will they start fighting against them?’

Putin is not to be trusted of course but there is evidence that the rebels have chemical weapons and the capability to deploy them.

Russian officials asked to speak directly with the US Congress Thursday about Syria and were rejected.

The following video appeared on World Net Daily with the statement that the Free Syrian Army rebels are launching a gas caninster at a Syrian village.

There have been verified cases of Syrian rebels in Tunisia being captured with chemical weapons.

Senator Rand Paul appearing on Meet the Press this past Sunday said that Assad has protected Christians and a rebel win could mean another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted.


Update: 09/5/13: The terrorists did more than firebomb the village of Maaloula and threaten to massacre all the Christians, they also fired mortars at two ancient churches, St. Alias Church and St. Grace Church, while shouting Allahu Akbar, the Islam war cry. Eight defenders were killed.

Video of firing at the churches while shouting Allahu Akbar like the cowards they are:

via Raymond Ibrahim blog

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