Obama’s Red Line Continually Crossed: Syria Still Using Chemical Weapons



Bashar al-Assad has used chlorine and ammonia against civilians in the last three attacks according to tested samples, the telegraph reports.  The telegraph hired independent experts to collect the samples and they were analyzed by a chemical warfare expert.

The results show sizeable and unambiguous traces of chlorine and ammonia present at the site of all three attacks.

Last year, Syria signed onto the Geneva Protocol which bans the use of “asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases”.

The chlorine canisters were dropped by helicopter. Only Bashar’s military has access to air power.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a British chemical weapons expert involved in the testing, said: “We have unequivocally proved that the regime has used chlorine and ammonia against its own civilians in the last two to three weeks.”

Chemical weapons expert:

The UN  is as usual – useless – they are sending another fact-finding mission which will undoubtedly be followed up with a strong letter of disapproval in Bashar’s file.

Syria has obviously not given up their chemical weapons as they agreed to do last year in a deal brokered by John Kerry. The deal to destroy Assad’s weapons is being supervised by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Like all of John Kerry’s deals, there is no deal, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Barack Obama’s red line, August 2012:


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