Obama’s Red Line Is Clearly Unclear


Obama's red line

President Obama had an opportunity to act on Syria at the very onset of the crisis. Doctors, students, everyday people joined forces with generals who wanted freedom for their people.

I remember one general pleading with the US for help. He said that foreign fighters were coming to join the fight and he didn’t want them. Foreign fighters are al Qaeda forces.

President Obama, who dragged us into Libya for humanitarian reasons, saw no humanitarian reason here. In Libya, Qaddafi threatened – did not act – but threatened to kill the 800 – 900 residents of Benghazi which was and is an al Qaeda stronghold.

More than 80,000 Syrians and fighters have died in the Syrian civil war, many are women and children, but there is no humanitarian justification here for the president.

We are now faced with Hezbollah fighting alongside Assad. Weapons being transferred to Hezbollah from Assad have been subjected to three successful attacks by Israel. Israel is doing what we refuse to do. If unchecked, the weapons would shift the balance in the region in favor of the Hezbollah terrorists.

Al Qaeda has joined forces with the rebels. It is impossible now to separate them.

Iran has a satellite government set up in Syria and Russia is contributing arms and intelligence, all to help the butcher Assad.

President Obama is still trying to decide what to do.

The danger now is that arming the rebels means arming al Qaeda who want a radical Islamist state in Syria. We are looking at a possible Axis of Evil such as the earth has never seen before.

Another problem centers around the weapons already in Syria, particularly the chemical weapons. Many came from Iraq prior to the Iraq war, by Hillary Clinton’s own admission. We should be bombing them out of existence but we won’t.


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