Obama’s Rule by Memo Opens Our Borders to Contagious Diseases


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Mr. Obama just gave $9 million in taxpayer-funded attorneys to children here illegally so they can fight any effort by the government to send them home. He gave potential amnesty and asylum to any woman who claims to be the victim of domestic abuse. He is deferring deportation on whole groups of people beyond DACA. If you come from Liberia where they are suffering an Ebola outbreak, the USA is the place for you.

No serious medical precautions are in place. They come, stay in detention a few days, and then get shipped out or dropped off at bus stops. Medical exams are cursory.

Interestingly, he just issued a memo deferring deportation for Liberians for two years because their country is suffering from the Ebola outbreak.

This includes visa overstays  – people here illegally – according to the AP. Forty percent of people here illegally are here because they overstayed their visas.

This latest memo will affect thousands.

Mr. Obama continually sends the message that illegal immigration is not an issue for our Justice Department.

Mr. Obama means to allow the whole world to come here illegally as part of his globalist vision.

Obama’s latest invitation to people from Liberia is timely. He issued the deferral on the 26th, two days before a man from Liberia – Thomas Eric Duncan – was diagnosed with Ebola. He helped move a woman with Ebola who later died and he helped her with a man who later died. Duncan, 42, still got on a plane to the U.S. It is his first trip to the U.S. He came to visit family and friends.

A person close to the Ebola patient is also believed to have Ebola and several school children, who have been identified, have been exposed.

We did such a bang-up job with this patient. The fact that he traveled from Africa didn’t get to the doctor who sent him home at first.

One has to wonder if asylum is what got the patient here. How many more people from countries infected with serious diseases like Liberia will now come?

What is really ironic, is that in the summer, Mr. Obama wrote out another executive order giving himself and his minions the power to detain “well persons” to prevent the spread of certain communicable diseases. This is while he is allowing people with communicable diseases to come here illegally. I’m not referring to this particular Ebola patient but we have all heard about the sick children and adults pouring across our borders from Border Patrol agents.

Mr. Obama, while removing every imaginable group from deportation, is not requiring they be properly screened for contagious illnesses or anything else for that matter.

He just writes memorandums and executive orders and his will be done.

He is ruling mostly by memo.

Barack Obama is forever changing the way the government does business by growing the power of the executive branch. His use of executive orders pales in comparison to his use of memos – “guidance” issuances – to make it happen.

He doesn’t need executive orders as long as he has his pen, phone and the ability to “clarify” with “memoranda”. His “clarifications” are fundamentally transforming us and giving his overblown agencies powers they were never meant to have.

He invented a “rule” to legalize DREAMers and it was issued with a memo. It was a “rule” that halted most deportations. These are laws which are being read appropriately by smugglers and corrupt politicians in Central America and Mexico as a reason to smuggle children and adults into our country because we all know they will never be deported.

While Obama’s support for illegal immigration is very visible to those of us paying attention, it is only one avenue by which rules and memos have seriously damaged our system of laws and checks and balances.

Obama sent a guidance memo out in 2009 which resulted in the White House now having their hands all over FOIA requests. Anything that “might embarrass” the White House and the president must be reviewed by the executive agency receiving the request.

As a consequence of this “guidance” memo, which was allegedly meant to “clarify”, FOIA requests are delayed or ignored. We should all be able to agree that the White House should NOT have the power to delay or hide FOIA requests but he is. Read more about that on this link.

At least we know he has the same standards for himself that he has for the rest of us. Anyone can get into the White House and run around the first floor, attend their parties, and even a criminal with a gun can ride the elevator and film the president, all without photo ID! They can even pretend to be sign language interpreters while standing next to him.

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