Obama’s Scandalous Lie About Opening Up US Financial System to Iran


Dsepite sanctions, despite repeated testimony by various Obama officials, the Obama administration did open up the U.S. financial system to Iran, knowing they are the leading sponsors of terrorism in the world. It is a terror nation. They did so illegally because sanctions banned such a move. They lied to Congress about it.

Obama and his staff lied about this important matter because they believe the end justifies the means. The leftists will accept lawlessness and lying to push their agenda. They know better.

What the Obama administration did first was pull sanctions, giving access to billions of dollars in their accounts. The Iranian Mullahs have used much of the money to foment terror throughout the world and build ICBMs while their people suffer in poverty.

The media won’t have a problem iwth any of this. They are agenda-driven.

The Iranians were having difficulty doing business, going to Euros from Rialls was difficult. Therefore, the Obama administration went out of its way to grant this preferential treatment and open up two banks for them. The banks refused to do it so it never happened.

The left is saying it’s not a big deal because they were only doing it in this one instance.

You can read more details clarifying what actually happened at The Weekly Standard.


This isn’t a new story. Many questioned the veracity of their promises, especially when Iran began getting waivers IRAN shouldn’t have had. No one knew how they were exchanging dollars and Congress should have delved deeper but that’s not their strength.

Then-secretary of state John Kerry, Hanoi John, ran around the world in 2016, encouraging businesses to work with Iran. He did in essence act as Iran’s best salesman. Kerry was their business manager. He did so while Iran was putting Americans and Europeans into their dungeons, menacing U.S. ships, and threatening to destroy the U.S. and Israel.


The Iranian financial sector is a poisonous morass aimed at funding terror and ICBMs. The vile Iranian Revolutionary Guard controls most of the economy.

For that reason, Treasury had set a very high bar for the Iranians, calling for “due diligence”, but Kerry set a low bar. Kerry’s conflicting message was “if you do due diligence in the normal fashion, no extra due diligence, just normal due diligence… you will not be held accountable”. The State Department had been using that language since at least May, 2016 to encourage businesses to engage Iran. They later claimed they weren’t doing that.

Treasury, on the other hand, designated Iran as a “primary money laundering concern”. Kerry, with a wink and a nod, strongly suggested those violations of sanctions would be ignored.

The Obama administration thought Hillary was going to win and she would open up the banks. None of these transgressions would be exposed.

Iran, A Nation of Terror

Iran is the largest sponsor of terror in the world, according to our own State Department, and it is the country that funds Hamas, Hezbollah, Ansar Allah, and partners alongside the Taliban. They support Palestinian terrorists and other jihadists. Iranians have murdered our soldiers in the field. These are the people who launch terrorist activities in Europe and Latin America as well as the Middle East. Iranian secret service have been caught trying to enter the U.S. through our open southern border.

We recently found out the Hezbollah cartels are actively engaged in the U.S.

Iran was, according to Barack Obama early in his tenure, “a tiny country”, but he decided to make them a regional power and give them a path to the nuclear bomb.

At what point, is this treason?

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