Obama’s Semper I


Our Commander-in-Chief gave a coffee cup salute getting off the plane recently. Maybe he forgot. It’s easy to forget the Marine honor guard when you’re Barack Obama and you’re drinking a cup of good coffee.

Ocommander in chief

He has a better memory when it comes to the Sunni King of Saudi Arabi. He bowed to him though Mr. Obama later said it wasn’t a bow, it was just that the king was so short.

o bows to Saudi King Abdullah

He likes to bow.

feb 2010 bows to Ukraine leader obama-bow-wen-jiabao1 bowing to China bowing to Mayor Iorio of Tampa Feb 2010 bowing to Japanes

Here is his 2011 cell phone salute.

2011 cell phone salute

And again with the coffee.

Cell phone, coffee salute

And his non-salute.


Here he is during the National Anthem.




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