Obama’s Socialist Databases


There are many areas that will need to be cleaned up after our current President has left his legacy of chaos and unconstitutional power grabs. One of the most damaging is the compilation of databases on almost every American based on race, class and income.

Obama has instituted a plan whereby 330 million Americans will be put into databases which will encompass all aspects of every American life. Not since the socialist system of Stalin has so much information been officially gathered by a government on its citizens. These citizens have not committed crimes, but will be in a position of being classified as the government sees fit.

These databases can be used to further the socialist cause with every white classified as “racist” and blacks, gays and immigrants classified as protected. The government can then use the rights the government has given itself – without any push back from Congress or the Judiciary – to implement even more of their agenda.

These databases could be used to affect every aspect of American life. The federal government can claim that they are necessary because of the inequality of social, racial and economic justice.

Bureaucrats are currently compiling information on housing, healthcare, neighborhoods, personal information, credit cards, places of employment to push “disparate impact” as a means of government control of societal change.

The databases have not yet been used on a personal level. It has been used against banks, ostensibly claiming not enough loans are made to minorities. This is then used to shakedown the banks for money to force redistribution on those the government chooses.

It has been used in schools to question the suspension of blacks.

Databases will require city and state governments to abide by federal zoning laws to force municipalities to make more low income housing available. It will even come into play against companies that will not hire minorities with criminal backgrounds.

Housing is a prime example of a database that is socialist both in nature and design. Just rolled out by Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act database is intended to balance the nation racially by each and every locality. Any locality that has less than a 50% non-white population will be considered segregated and will be targeted by the U.S. Government.

The government will “pressure” localities into zoning changes to relocate inner city minorities and immigrants to new low-income housing. Not only will these localities be forced into these changes, but they must guarantee that all amenities, parks, stores, schools are close enough for minorities to make the use of them or they will face the loss of federal funding.

Congress and localities will have no input into any of the requirements. Those requirements will be set by the government with the assistance of civil rights groups.

This is socialist engineering at its finest, with no Congressional oversight or passing of any laws required under the Constitution.

Your mortgage information, including all personal data, is being stored in the “National Mortgage Database Project”, run by Mel Watt, a former Congressional Black Caucus member. Again there is no legitimate purpose for a 16-year database broken down by race which includes individual credit scores and employment records. This will give the federal government the opportunity to pry into all your personal finance information including bankruptcies.

The government wants us to believe that the information is needed for “research and policy making”. Does anyone not think this is a perfect vehicle, much like IRS targeting, to single out those who oppose the government? This information will even include the interest rate you are payng, the amount of land your house sits on, and even the square footage of your house.

Your credit will also be a part of the government’s database. Ostensibly, this information is being collected by the Consumer Federal Protection Board, another scheme set up by this administration, to find “credit inequality” among races, to prosecute those found not to meet the Administrations demands and inevitably, to demand lower rates for protected classes. The CFPB also requires a database on minority hiring to include employment data, credit card accounts, with all transactions, collected and sorted by race.

The Education Department currently has a database on school suspensions by race to be used to reform schools with a disparate number of minority suspensions no matter what the reason. Civil rights groups have already indicated that even if there is no complaint about discrimination, and no evidence of racism, the numbers will be used to “prove” that it does exist.

There could be personal lawsuits filed by civil rights groups for monetary damages on an epic level and reparations on a personal level for perceived slights where none exist.

We could see a socialist police state based on diversity that micromanages our everyday lives to achieve political correctness of a national scale.

The question now is will Congress act to stop the use of these databases that breach the Americans citizens’ right to privacy? Congress needs to stand up to this categorizing and cataloguing of the American people into different classes, different ethnicities, and different races to implement “disparate impact” mandates.

Individuals can only stand up to the government forces arrayed against them with the support of the politicians they elect to represent them. It should be made abundantly clear that this administration and any administration that follows will not be allowed to further an agenda without the consent of the governed. The alphabet soup of government bureaucracies were not instituted to make law, but to implement the laws as stated by the legislators that the people have chosen to represent them.


John Velisek USN (Ret.)



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