Obama’s SPOX Makes This Stunning Admission



First thing our State Department Spokesperson does when he gets up in the morning is wonder how he will spin the truth for the Obama administration.

State Department SPOX John Kirby admitted to a reporter during a press conference that Iran could spend the entire $100 billion in sanctions relief on terrorism. They can’t rule that out.

It should be noted that it was actually $150 billion counting the funds we gave them before the deal which, by the way, has not been signed by Iran.

Our administration didn’t think it important to include that in the deal. Even if the Iranians use the entire $100 billion on terrorism, the deal is still good!

“In general, what we still mean—we still believe … in actuality, the amount of money, which is their money, they would now have access to, is just a little bit more than $50 billion. Because the rest of it, nearly half of the entire freed up assets—that’s where the $100 comes in, because that’s the total—we believe that half of that, so roughly $50 billion is already tied up in debts to the Chinese and the other international commitments … It’s their money that has now been unfrozen … We said we cannot rule out the fact that some of the money may be used to fund their support for terrorism.”

How is it that a former admiral doesn’t care if a hundred billion is spent on terrorism and, worse yet, talks about it as if it were no more than another paperclip item in the office.

Oh well, what difference..at this point…does it make?


Others noticed that the Obama administration lied about the amount given to Iran.

Marie Harf blamed the Treasury Department for making a rounding error – $50 billion, $100 billion, whatever.

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D'Ann Jacobs
D'Ann Jacobs
6 years ago

This is just another lie from Obama and since when does America pay for hostages?Never but Obama did! America is in horribly situation and Obama gave Iran 100 Billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!
More proof Obama is a muslim terrorist hell bent on the destruction of America!!