Breaking…Obama’s Strategy to Fight Repeal of Obamacare


Barack Obama met with congressional Democrats Wednesday to find ways to save Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act which is patently unaffordable. The result is Democrats are out throwing hyperbole around to intimidate Republicans while Obama pretends he’s not involved.

Obama will pretend he’s not involved even though he plotted a strategy with Democrats Wednesday and they immediately went out and attacked Republicans.

He will work insidiously, as the removed outsider who only cares about America.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said he will not assist Democrats in the Obamacare fight.

However, Rep. Elijah Cummings said after the meeting with Obama and congressional Democrats that the president “made it very clear that as a citizen he is going to lend his voice to this fight.”

The lying and manipulation will continue.

Partisan Rep. Elijah Cummings says “people will be dying in the streets” if Obamacare is repealed.

That’s what they said when they forced Obamcare down our throats — people were dying in the streets. It’s obviously not true but as soon as it’s repealed Democrats will find a case of someone blaming the repeal for the life-threatening illness.

Nancy Pelosi said we’d better not repeal Obamacare “unless we want grandma living in the basement.”

Pelosi said:

“… repeal Affordable Care Act, that’s a problem. Lifetime limits, that’s a problem. If you are a senior, you know, Medicaid — almost half of Medicaid is about long-term health care. You want grandma living in the guest room? You — you repeal the Affordable Care Act.

You go along with — this is part of an initiative that is part of the Ryan budget that says we’re going to voucherize Medicare, we’re going to block grant Medicaid. So, this has a tremendous assault on the health and health security and a financial security that goes with what the Affordable Care Act has done for the American people. And so make America sick again — is that what the Republicans want to do? I certainly hope not.”

We don’t know what she’s talking about. Medicare and Medicaid will remain.

Senator Stabenow said:

“It’s important to stress the fact that smoke and mirrors are not going to do it for the Republicans because this has real consequences. Today, in eleven different states, rural hospitals are speaking out against the repeal of health care that is in this proposal.

Tomorrow, in Michigan, cancer doctors that work with children are going to be speaking out at the state capital about what this means when you put caps on cancer treatment for children when we say that they now have a pre-existing condition or that the essential benefit package that we developed to make sure basic services were covered is turned away. So this is very real, we’re not making up anything.

This is happening across the country. We are going to be going state to state, community to community, working with people whether it’s hospitals in rural or urban areas, doctors, families, children, nurses, everybody who knows that this is real. It’s 1/6 of the economy and they’re pulling the string that’s going to unravel the whole system.”

What is she talking about? Pre-existing conditions will remain. They don’t want to give up control. Someone needs to tell them they lost.

Chuck Schumer made up a ridiculous lie that the Republicans were going to cut Medicare and Medicaid. Schumer is obviously angry about Trump’s tweets this morning. Too bad!

Trump evaded the media once again with tweets.

This is the new Democrat slogan.

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