Obama’s Summit Bombs As King Hamad Goes to a Horse Show With Queen Elizabeth…videos



Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa skipped a Gulf Arab summit with U.S. President Barack Obama this week and went instead to a horse show with Queen Elizabeth. It was the way to go. There is no word as to what King Salmon of Saudi Arabia was doing today. He also skipped the Summit. Most leaders skipped the Summit and sent representatives. The leaders of Qatar and Kuwait were the only ones who attended.

King arrives at the horse show

King arrives at the horse show.

Barack Obama’s speech at the end of the Summit on Thursday was meant to reassure our Arab allies in the mid-East but probably had the opposite effect. It was weak. As Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report, it was filled with weasel words.

First, he said he has an ironclad commitment to our Gulf partners. We’ll work jointly with GCC member states to confront and deter any aggression that’s inconsistent with the U.N. charter. We’ll work with them if there is aggression and will consider military action. Second, we will increase our already extensive security cooperation. This means more training and cooperation. Third, we will help them improve their capacity to defend themselves. Fourth, we pledge to work together to settle armed conflicts.

In other words, he will continue to do what he’s doing. Today, Iran fired on a Singapore-flagged tanker and had to flee to the UAE territorial waters for protection. Iran seized a Marshall Islands ship last month. They have a ship with “humanitarian” aid sailing to Yemen and they threatened anyone who would attempt to inspect their cargo.

In terms of Iran, he said he will address the threats with the allies but the purpose is not to engage in any long-term conflicts with Iran or marginalize Iran, he said. He wants to build trust by peaceful means and have a broader dialogue.

He wants to help our partners deal with Iran politically and diplomatically. He then went on to the need for proper governance and having a government inclusive of minorities.

He’s delusional.

The Gulf Cooperation Council Summit was “a catastrophe”, former Ambassador Bolton said today. He said this reaffirmed to our Arab allies that the “president doesn’t have a clue.” The only option they have is to engage in an arms race.

The Iranians will get what they want once they have the threat of nuclear weapons. They will threaten the entire region and beyond.

Our allies will look to Russia and China for help and protection. The U.S. is losing prestige and our “influence is declining at a precipitous rate,” John Bolton said.

President Obama invited the GCC after the signing of the agreement with the Iranians and did not include them as they did with Israel. Since then, Iran has seized much of Yemen.

The president is fueling an arms race because that is the only route our allies are left with. Thanks to Barack Obama, the entire Middle East will have nuclear weapons.

The guests in the next video said that Iran is meeting with Iraq today. Why aren’t we meeting with Iraq?

There is no vision, no plan, no proactive leadership and we are dealing with a tribal society, one guest said.

Here is the King of Bahrain at the horse show.

King at the horse show