Obama’s Terrifying Job After He Leaves the White House



With Hillary Clinton in the White House being manipulated by John Podesta and George Soros, filling up courts, most notably the Supreme Court, with leftist judges to destroy the First and Second Amendments, with corporations lined up behind them, the media covering it up, and the UN ready to redistribute US wealth, President Barack Obama is planning to plug up the last hole. With Eric Holder as the chair of a new group, they will overhaul America’s system of legislative redistricting.

We will see few Republicans in office again by the time they are done.


The newly incorporated group called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, plans to take on the alleged gerrymandering that Democrats claim is responsible for uneven control. They won’t take on Democrat gerrymandering of course.

It is Democrats who are good at that. Check out the irregular districts they’ve drawn. They redistricted Allen West out of office and Luis Gutierrez has a district in the shape of a strange “C”. New York Democrats have legislated Republicans out of office throughout New York.

The House is the one chamber of Congress they might not win in November, they believe, and this will take care of that ‘problem’ in the future. Having the corrupt Eric Holder chair it is even more offensive.

They want the House by 2020.

The group will also cover campaign strategy, coordinate ballot initiatives, organize legal challenges to various state redistricting maps, and direct fundraising. With Soros money behind them, they should go far. This is a complete takeover of government by the hard-left.

The group’s first action plan is for the Virginia and New Jersey state elections next year then the gubernatorial, state legislative and House races going into the 2018 midterms.

There will be no freedom in this country, only the hard-left and their agenda.


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