Obama’s Tinpot Dictatorship Is Unstoppable


Obama on banana boat

Barack Hussein Obama could well be unstoppable. His tinpot dictatorship is well underway and there is no greater threat than the massive invasion on our southern border but it’s not the only threat.

Our administration constantly lies to us, even when there is no need to lie. Our newspapers are more like Pravda every day. We are a nation that releases dangerous terrorists so they can go kill our soldiers in the field once again. We even kidnap children from Mexico and Central America now.

I know I’d be arrested for kidnapping if I kept little children who wandered unaccompanied into my home.

The real danger to our Republic is in the massive – and I do mean massive – illegal immigration from Third World countries which will fundamentally and irrevocably transform our nation.

We are seeing the results of Obama’s open border’s policies but it’s barely being reported.

Anyone who can get here, can count on staying. We have children, some quite young, coming over the border unaccompanied. What are we doing about it? For one thing, we are collecting them in warehouses. Then we are turning them over to social services. The one thing we are not doing is returning them to their county of origin.

Anyone remember Elián González? In 1999, his mother and her boyfriend escaped Cuba with the young Elián and headed for Florida. She drowned on the torturous boat ride and the paternal relatives in Florida attempted to keep Elian. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case after a judge ruled he must be returned to the father in Cuba. The Feds seized him at gunpoint and returned him to Cuba.

Since when do we, without question, keep minors from other countries?

Some women and children here illegally have been dropped off at bus stops in Arizona with bus tickets, socks, and water. Most are traveling to other parts of the country to hook up with other people here illegally. Some are being held in warehouses in Texas and Arizona.

Whole towns in Central America are emptying out so the inhabitants can come into the U.S. illegally.

Does this sound normal to you?

How is Mr. Obama handling it? He’s giving them all lawyers and welfare at taxpayer expense. His administration also let Arizona know he won’t stop. He is asking Congress for $2 billion to start to help fund this mess.

People with contagious diseases like HIV, scabies, MRSA, and Chicken Pox are among the invaders. Criminals are coming across. I don’t doubt that terrorists could come across as well.

The administration is also threatening agents who tell anyone what is going or who take pictures.

We live in a country where police are being threatened if they tell the public what is going on and what is going on is we are feeling the effects of the policies of a lawless president.

children from Central America

The children are sleeping in cages.

The people coming are not refugees. They are coming because of Mr. Obama’s “catch and release policy” and because many have family here in the States illegally. The administration is claiming they are refugees. It’s utter nonsense.

You have to listen to this Kelly File segment. This is unbelievable but it’s happening:

What kind of country is this when a newspaper, covering up for Obama, makes a concerted effort to discredit our brave soldiers and laud a deserter as in the case of recent Bergdahl editorials at the NY Times?

Mr. Obama lies about everything from healthcare to Benghazi to the IRS and, most recently, he lied about the circumstances surrounding the Bergdahl trade.

Bergdahl was near death, his health was failing, the Taliban were going to kill him. Which is it?

When he’s not lying, his staff is, or they are refusing to answer questions, something Eric Holder is particularly good at.

Susan Rice said Bergdahl served honorably even though we all know he deserted and might be a collaborator. She claimed he was in failing health though she also said his health was fine in the same interview. Reports out of Germany are clear – he is physically fine though we are undoubtedly being set up for a PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome defense.

Jay Carney insisted that the five terror detainees released “will not pose a signifiant threat to the United States.”

“The secretary of defense, in consultation and coordination with the full national security team made the conclusion that the mitigation efforts were sufficient when it came to the assurances we received from the Qataris and the communications we had with them and that these five detainees do not and will not pose a significant threat to the United States,” Carney said. “It was in the national security interest of the United States to secure Sgt. Bergdahl’s release.”

Immediately after, while in Poland, President Obama said it is “absolutely” possible the men he released could return to the battlefield, but “this is what happens at the end of wars.”

On CNN Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “It would have been offensive and incomprehensible to consciously leave an American behind.” Kerry suggested that the five Taliban leaders (those exchanged for Bergdahl’s freedom) would face dire consequences should they attempt to threaten American lives.

I’m sure they are quaking in their boots.

It’s bad enough Obama released five Taliban terrorists, one of whom is wanted by The Hague, but, now, nine days in, he’s blaming Chuck Hagel for his decision. Rush Limbaugh said this today: “As you’ve been watching the news today, have you heard a “thump, thump, thump, thump, thump” noise? That is the body of Chuck Hagel being run over by a bus. The Obama Regime is saying that the whole idea for swapping five really bad Taliban guys for Bergdahl was Hagel’s call.”

This is what it feels like to have a lawless president who doesn’t follow the rule of law – the Constitution. We are heading for a banana republic.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said this about Mr. Obama’s actions: “The problem with what the President (Barack Hussein Obama) is doing, is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the Constitutional system; he is becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid; that is, the concentration of power in any single branch.”


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