Obama’s Transformation of the Courts Could be Complete



Barack Obama spoke in memory of Justice Antonin Scalia this evening and that part of his speech was fine. He then said, as expected, that he will fulfill his responsibility to appoint a successor to Justice Scalia and hopes the Senate plans to go through their constitutional responsibilities.

Odd how he suddenly believes in the constitution.

The president has the right to NOMINATE a Justice but he does not have the right to force through an appointment.

He called the country a democracy during his speech as he always does. He will never call it a Republic and the reason for that is obvious. A Republic is not the Socialist democracy he envisions for America.

Barack Obama will go through the Congress for the appointment for the time being but if he doesn’t get his way, he will find whatever means he can to appoint his leftist choice to the court. If he has to use a recess appointment, he will do it.

Mitch McConnell has said the appointment should be held for the next president. Lyndsey Graham, who believes Congress should support a president’s appointments, said he will not support any presidential appointment for the SCOTUS. When Obama – through Reid – used the nuclear option for judicial appointments, Graham told the president he would pay a price for that and this is the price.

Obama has willfully transformed the courts over the past seven years to rob Americans of a conservative voice and all voices to the right.

The New York Times wrote in 2014, “Democrats have reversed the partisan imbalance on the federal appeals courts that long favored conservatives, a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences for the law and President Obama’s legacy.”

It didn’t long favor conservatives but there was a dramatic shift to the far left.

The appellate is under the control of leftists and ACLU types. They own the Court of Appeals.

This is part of Mr. Obama’s fundamental transformation.

The courts regulate business and individual rights and can regulate them into oblivion. The regulatory process is reviewed by the DC Court of Appeals.

Obama won election races throughout the country on judicial decisions by leftists.

Mr. Obama addressed the DSCC in Dallas, Texas on November 6th, 2013 and in his comments he made this stunning pronouncement – he is remaking the courts.

He began by insulting Congress to explain his tendency to rule by Fiat:

And I was talking to Michael as we were flying over here about the frustrations and challenges that we’ve experienced in Congress. […]

And Texas was a big beneficiary of his leftist largesse:

As Lisa mentioned, we are remaking the courts.  I know that we’ve got some lawyers here, and here in Texas sometimes people feel a little frustrated about the pace of appointments here in Texas.  But you should know that in addition to the Supreme Court, we’ve been able to nominate and confirm judges of extraordinary quality all across the country on federal benches. We’re actually, when it comes to the district court, matching the pace of previous Presidents.  When it comes to the appellate court, we’re just a little bit behind, and we’re just going to keep on focused on it.

A majority of appointees on the federal district and circuit courts are now Progressives. Obama has appointed 40% of the judges to the courts.

This is Obama’s legacy.

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