Obama’s Turkish Success Story: Budding Dictator Erdogan Allies with Iran


Mr. Obama has become infamous for befriending our enemies and alienating our friends in a bizarre approach to foreign policy. Turkey is his latest failure.

Obama in Hawaii

Mr. Obama in Hawaii, ‘seeking Hawaii’s waking touch,’ according to Yahoo news as he remains disengaged except when he comes out to attack Republicans.

In July of last year, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, who is leading Turkey into a dictatorship, has been able to do so because of unconditional support from Mr. Obama.

Erdogan has been suppressing dissent. Pro-democracy groups have been rounded up and thrown in prison by Erdogan. During the protests, Mr. Obama remained silent. He is voting present as he did in the state senate and US senate.

“Erdogan has been legitimized and elevated by the friendship Obama has bestowed on him,” the report said. “From this point onward, the way Washington treats Erdogan will be keenly observed by all forces in Turkey, and will be a factor determining Erdogan’s future.”

Mr. Obama is also fond of the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, and now seeks a deal with Iran in which they do virtually nothing for a relief of sanctions and billions of dollars in aid.

According to the World Tribune, Edogan has alienated his own party and NATO allies and caused civil unrest, in no small part because of his ‘anti-semitic conspiracy theories’.

In August, the free beacon reported that Turkey’s intelligence leaked the names of Israeli agents to Iran. Mr. Obama’s support continued.

Erdogan, supposedly disenchanted with Obama’s actions in Syria and his dealings with Iran are rumored to be reasons he has turned to Iran though they do seem more natural allies as Erdogan turns to installing an Islamic Fascist State. It could also be that Erdogan was being less than honest with Obama who appears to have a blind spot for radical Islamists.

In May, CNN reported on a meeting between Erdogan and Obama in which the two sides agreed that they must bolster the Syrian opposition to Assad’s regime and secure minority rights.

Obama also brokered a deal to restore relations between Israel and Turkey. Israel had to apologize for the Flotilla of which they were victims and provide restitution in exchange for renewed though tenuous relations between the countries.

In November, The NY Times reported that Erdogan ‘has moved aggressively against its perceived adversaries; more than a thousand people have been hauled in for questioning for their role in the sweeping protests over the summer.’

In December, a corruption scandal was exposed and continues to threaten Mr. Erdogan’s rule as the officials involved are in his highest levels of administration.

Erdogan is suffering from a deepening rift with the followers of his erstwhile ally, Fethullah Gulen, a mystic Imam, once denounced as a terrorist in Turkey and who lives in Pennsylvania, sheltered by our administration. The rift is tearing the government apart.

According to The New York Times, Muammer Akkas, Turkish prosecutor overseeing the corruption investigation of office of Prime Min Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was removed from the case. The Erdogan government is preventing the case from moving forward.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post editorial board implored Mr. Obama to press Mr. Erdogan on his abuse of power and his own foreign policy with Turkey.

“The Obama administration and the European Union should be pressing Mr. Erdogan to respect the rule of law and give police and prosecutors the opportunity to present their cases in court,” says the Washington Post’s editorial board in an instructive editorial published Wednesday, calling on President Obama to reconsider its foreign policy with Turkey.

The editorial pleaded with the Obama administration to act on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spiraling dictatorship.

Despite the deterioration of Turkish democracy, Mr. Obama remains disengaged.

Obama once described Turkey, with its new Islamic leadership as ‘a political model for the Middle East.‘ It’s now looking more like its radical neighborhoods by the day.

Turkey is number one again in jailed journalists, topping Iran and China according to WaPo.

The article further relates that in addition to the graft scandal, Erdogan’s government is running a campaign against the US and Israel.

WaPo: ‘a slanderous campaign carried out by the pro-government media is in full swing in Turkey, accusing the United States and Israel as dark powers who are behind the turmoil that has gripped Turkey. This daft and deliberate anti-West discourse, the authors say, cannot be ignored and must be given an appropriate response by the United States.

It is urgent that President Obama act but he is disengaged, vacationing in Hawaii and railing against Republicans for going on vacation and not extending unemployment benefits, which have gone as long as two years, longer than some people hold down jobs.

On January 5th, Fars, the Iranian news agency, announced that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met to share common views and discuss an expansion of bilateral relations.

Zarif said the goal of the meeting was ‘to strengthen bilateral ties..we have good relations with Turkey which needs to be expanded.’

The similarities to our handling of Mohammed Morsi are uncanny.

Zarid said that terrorism (which Iran sponsors), Takfiri groups, and foreign intervention (NATO) have jeopardized international peace and security.

Iran and Turkey have been increasingly tied into economic, security, trade, education, energy, and culture since Obama befriended Erdogan.

Mr. Obama is most assuredly watching events unfold from his luxury accommodations in Hawaii. Yahoo news waxed poetic about it and said a ‘weary Obama seeks Hawaii sun’s waking touch.’ It was a title of an article in which they praised his speech prior to his vacation, saying that it was lauded as the ‘most wonderful press conference of the year’ but he has to get his agenda past ‘angry Republicans.’

That’s great. Some in the media are really on top of this disaster both abroad and stateside, aren’t they?

Obama has three more years in power and has just brought in John Podesta to help him govern by Fiat.

What do you expect? This is a man who thinks Tea Party people are terrorists for engaging in peaceful protests and waving US flags but who coddles The Muslim Brotherhood who are now terrorizing Egypt, Syria, Libya, and countries in Africa.

God help us all.

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