Obama’s Unconstitutional War on All Fossil Fuels


Robert Murray, the coal CEO of Murray Energy, responded to Obama’s rejection of the KeystoneXL and the war on all fossil fuels. Ironically, Mr. Murray said, it is the fossil fuel industry that has propped up the administration so Obama and his liberal environmentalist allies could push their radical agenda.


Should a president be allowed to violate the Constitution because he wants power and control to implement his ideals without regard for the peoples’ wishes?

The federal appeals court is currently hearing a major challenge to the EPA climate rule to destroy coal.

Murray Energy is leading the lawsuit and sees the future – people losing their jobs, his company being destroyed, the coal and electricity industry being decimated.

If a government agency can make the laws, can we call ourselves a free nation, a Republic?

Judge Napolitano1

Congress rejected the rules the president is now implementing and according to Judge Napolitano, the rules are so heavy-handed, they will put Murray Energy out of business. If the government is going to shut down a business, the regulations demand they buy the business and pay the owner(s) for it. That is the argument being used in the lawsuit, the Judge said. “It’s a very interesting argument but I don’t know which way the court is going to go, but it’s a very strong argument.”

The government will say he’s polluting and they have the right to shut it down, but what they have done is change the rules on pollution, Judge Napolitano said, so that “it is impossible for him to operate his business as he has been operating it for the past sixty years”.

It is a government administration acting without regard for the Constitution. They are completely out of control.

“The EPA is an authoritarian arm of the Obama administration attempting to do administratively, there are five of them who vote on this”, Napolitano said with a lot of emphasis on the last phrase. “administrators appointed by him (emphasis on ‘him’), to do what he cannot do legislatively, because the peoples’ representatives in the House and Senate will never vote for this because it’s so onerous.”

The state of West Virginia is also suing with “a very interesting claim”. They’re saying that the EPA came in and told them what state laws to write and to pay for them out of their own tax dollars, the Judge said.

It’s called commandeering and the Supreme Court has already said that is unconstitutional.

Coal is being targeted for extinction and it’s only the beginning.

The president also has an axe to grind against Murray Energy’s owner and the state’s senator, Mitch McConnell.