Obama’s Unfettered Spending of Taxpayer Money Knows No Bounds


King Obama I and Michelle Antoinette

Photo of King Barry I and Michelle Antoinette

The people of the U.S. owe their independence & their liberty, to the wisdom of descrying in the minute tax of 3 pence on tea, the magnitude of the evil comprised in the precedent. Let them exert the same wisdom, in watching against every evil lurking under plausible disguises, and growing up from small beginnings.

~ James Madison


How has Obama wasted our taxpayer money? Let me count the ways.

The Stimulus was a near-trillion dollar waste of money that was supposed to create jobs when in fact it created temporary and part-time jobs. Obama also spent half of the TARP bailout of over 700 billion dollars bailing out the auto companies, insurance companies, and so on.

Bernanke’s monthly bailout – QE3 – is a debt that will one day have to be paid. Bernanke buys up forty billion of mortgage debt per month. Wall Street loves it but it hasn’t done much for Main Street.

Obamacare is the largest tax increase in American history. It wasn’t sold as a tax, we had to find out about that after it was passed.

Obamacare was supposed to reduce insurance premiums, guarantee health insurance for all Americans, and  it was allegedly going to allow us to keep our plan and our doctor. None of that is the case. What is the case is the government now has control of our healthcare.

Obamacare had anti-fraud measures built into it but these safeguards have been abandoned.  The government will rely on self-reporting, at least temporarily, because they can’t make it work. Obamacare will be a breeding ground for massive waste and fraud.

Welfare spending on entitlement programs – such as food stamps advertised in Mexico – has increased more than 32% under Barack Obama.

Money wasted on green energy is non-stop. Many of these companies we have “invested” in have gone bankrupt.

Barack Obama, under the auspices of a program called My ID, My Life, announced a $53 million donation of our taxpayer money to Kenya to assist them in obtaining National ID cards so they can vote. Kenya requires national ID cards before anyone can register to vote. At the same time Obama is trying to keep citizens in the US from having to show photo ID’s. It’s ironic and it’s also a lot of money when all we hear about is sequester.

Sequester was the price Congress paid to get a spending package passed to prevent the government from shutting down.

Obama would not pass any semblance of a budget without sequester, which was a 2% cut to the INCREASE in government discretionary spending. It’s an irrational  across-the-board cut without any exercise of discriminatory considerations. That’s how Obama wanted it.

Obama gave $1.6 billion to Morsi of Egypt and forgave another billion in loans. Congress objected but he gave the money anyway. We all know how that is working out.

We give about $500 million a year to Palestine, much of that money is used to train the armed forces. Palestine supports terrorism.

We give money to most countries in the world, even China from whom we borrow.

The president is a tireless and profligate spender. He is piling up trillion dollar deficits each year and has made no effort to slow his spending. He increased revenue this FY mostly by increasing taxes. He wanted Congress to lift the debt ceiling so he could spend without any interruptions or questions from Congress.

The interest on the $17 trillion in debt is money we can’t use for education, the military, and highways.  It’s money that ends up going to our creditors, such as communist China.

Meanwhile, President Obama came right off his $60 – $100 million dollar trip to Africa (cost approximation) to a 10-day trip in Martha’s Vineyard, his 17th vacation in less than three years. When he is not vacationing, he is fundraising – more than 40 times since 2008 – or he is golfing – more than 60 times since he was elected.

As Obama is vacationing, his people are devising new and ingenious ways to rob us of our liberties by giving more-and-more control to the big government. Obama’s machine works without him unfortunately or I would be the first to say, keep him on vacation at any cost!

Didn’t we fight a revolution over the very thing Obama and his minions are doing? The colonists fought for their freedom from Britain, not because of a tea tax, but because the taxes being levied by Britain were levied without representation by the people. The colonists also knew that the problem would grow worse. Now we are doing to ourselves what the British would have done. Have we lost our minds?


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