Obama’s “Unmitigated Disaster for the United States”


ISIS and Boko Haram have formed an alliance, expanding the caliphate into West Africa and beyond. General Jack Keane said we have “no plans” to deal with ISIS and as Iran moves ahead with taking over Iraq, Lt. Col. Oliver North says we are ignoring it to achieve a disastrous Iranian nuclear deal.

ISIS sympathizers could easily infiltrate from the Caribbean and Central and South America, said John Kelly, Commander of U.S. Southern Command.

ISIS hopes to expand their influence and an attack on the United States would put them on top.

Our military has to sit by as the threat of ISIS terrorists entering the United States goes unanswered because of a lack of funds according to General Kelly.

In July of last year, Kelly told Defense One, “Supporters and sympathizers of Lebanese Hezbollah are involved in both licit and illicit activities in the region,” Kelly told Congress. “Members, supporters, and adherents of Islamic extremist groups are present in Latin America. Islamic extremists visit the region to proselytize, recruit, establish business venues to generate funds, and expand their radical networks. Some Muslim communities in the Caribbean and South America are exhibiting increasingly extremist ideology and activities, mostly as a result from ideologues’ activities and external influence from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Mr. Chairman, we take all these activities seriously.”

FBI Director Jim Comey said that ISIS threats are being investigated in all 50 states.

How serious is the new alliance between Boko Haram and ISIS?

ISIS has released an audio recording accepting Boko Haram’s pledge of allegiance. Their alliance expands the caliphate to West Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. Though largely aspirational for now, it’s within reach. The Levant is the main drawing card for foreign fighters, however.

The real ISIS affiliates besides Boko Haram, are in the Egyptian Sinai Libya, and on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Boko Haram is working on overturning the current Nigerian government and for now we won’t see immediate changes.

The real problem is that the U.S. has “no plans” to take away the ISIS sanctuary in Syria.

“There are no plans,” Keane said.

Even if we were to reclaim Iraq, ISIS can still attack into Iraq and grow their affiliations outside Syria. We made a strategic blunder by not going into Syria and Iraq simultaneously.

Watch General Keane:

“ISIS wants to give the impression of a global reach”, Lt. Col. Oliver North said. Al-Baghdadi is casting himself as the savior of Sunni Islam and apparently wants to take his brand beyond Sunni Islam.

Baghdadi is claiming they’re saving Sunnis from Shias. The forces taking Tikrit back are 2/3rds Shia.

ISIS is showing videos of the murders of innocent Sunnis by the Iranian forces and it’s winning recruits.

President Obama is telling the public that the retaking of Tikrit with Iranian forces is a good move when it’s obviously not.

Everything for the last six years has been about getting a nuclear deal with Iran, no matter how bad the deal and no matter what the cost.

Obama’s tilt towards Iran has likely precipitated a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Erdogan and Salmon

Turkey’s president Erdogan and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh

There was a meeting March 2nd in Riyadh with Egypt’s al-Sisi, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, Turkish president Erdogan, and Pakistan’s Sharif probably to seal the deal on nuclear weapons and nuclear-capable missiles, if Iran develops a nuclear weapon.

They were said to be devising strategic plans for “Sunni unity” against Iran because the United States isn’t there and will not provide leadership. Reportedly they are infuriated with the United States.

Erdogan shut out Al-Sisi because of the coup of his Muslim Brotherhood friend Mohammed Morsi. Al-Sisi met with Salman as did Erdogan but their paths never crossed.

There is a likelihood of decades of sectarian violence and they will soon enough be armed with nuclear weapons.

This Iranian nuke deal is “an unmitigated disaster for the United States,” Lt. Col. North said.

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