Obama’s Vision for Patriot’s Day Is of a Different Type of Revolution



It was Patriot’s Day but President Obama never mentioned it nor the people who lost their lives to terrorists on Patriot’s day simply for running in a marathon. We will never see Barack Obama at an enactment nor will we hear him speak of a Founding Father or of the brave men and women who fought and won a Revolution for a new, free nation unless he’s using them for a message they never intended.

His only activities over these last weeks of bad decisions and disastrous world events was to campaign and fundraise. His revolution is not of men and women trying to evade the totalitarian tax collectors, his revolution is to run to them.

Patriot’s Day was a day for him to publicize his Wednesday visit to Florida for Earth Day because “today there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.” ISIS is tearing through the Middle East and Africa, and every week a new ISIS wannabe turns up in the United States but they are of no concern. He gave his usual debunked lies about last year being the warmest, making unproven connections between weather and health, economy, and national security.

His entire week was not on Iran and ISIS consuming large areas of the world nor was it on Christian genocide or anti-Semitism, it was the usual teleprompter dribble including complaints about unequal pay and middle class joblessness after six years of his unilateral leadership.

He’s attacking states now because 26 states have Republican governors and he’s run out of places to pass the buck. The fact that those states are successful is never mentioned.

He gave the same speeches he has given for six years, one was in a children’s library and someone tweeted the staged event from the Barack Obama Twitter page. Inspiring no longer fits his teleprompter ramblings.

Only the obsequious and hard-left are still worshipping at this altar. Most on the left haven’t abandoned their ideology, just him, though he is the actualization of their ideology and he is employing it correctly.

He took yet another opportunity to race bait and divide us more on a visit to a children’s library in North Carolina.

Barack Obama’s audience was mostly women – largely white – who edit or read women’s blogs. Obama still enjoys popularity with women, making this a good avenue to stir up support for faux causes such as equal pay.

The town hall was with BlogHer.com and SheKnows.com as he held a one-way discussion on working families issues at ImaginOn in Charlotte, North Carolina. April 15, 2015.

BlogHer.com is online media which sports articles like I Went To the ER For Help Finding a Missing Condom, 3 Reasons Why “I Hate My Ex” is Hurting You and Why It’s So Important to “Make Noise” About the Gender Wage Gap.

SheKnows.com has articles about love horoscopes, recipes, reasons for exercising and so on.

It was against this backdrop that he did his usual race baiting by making a contrived comparison between his march to Selma and women using the Internet to connect with women interested in love horoscopes.

He said he was” recently marching in Selma” and “the world was transformed because maids, Colman porters, and young priests and rabbis just decided to march and to highlight issues.”

You have this huge network set up…so people don’t feel alone on these issues,” the issues being women’s condoms and equal pay. He made the statements, twisting unrelated events one to the other, to use them as an opportunity to remind everyone yet again that we are an evil nation that had slaves.

He never worries about the slaves of today such as the ones ISIS is kidnapping, certainly not the Christian slaves. He doesn’t worry about those who are being forced to convert or die, the babies being beheaded or the men being hung, not even the women being forced into sex slavery. He worries about the faux cause of unequal pay.

Selma, recipes, the Internet, all tied together for him so he can make current a story that is no longer true but one he hopes to revive for his own revolution.

The race-baiting themed tweet below received 1.1K likes on Twitter which should worry people. That’s 1.1k crazy people roaming around loose.

These are the people who relish his success implementing a clearly damaging and racist ideology on the country and the world, they are the people who look forward to more of the same, they are the new patriots, the ones who don’t take pride in what America has done right and who wave the banner of totalitarianism like the U.S. flag used to be waved.