Obama’s Unbelievable Answers on Redlines, Benghazi, Obamacare & GITMO – Update


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Update: 5/1/13: The lawyer for one of the whistleblowers, Victoria Tsoening, received a letter from the State Department, advising her to contact a specific State Department official to get clearance to represent one of the whistleblowers. They did not provide contact information of course. Ms. Tsoening has tried to contact the person named on two occasions and no one was home – no answer and no return call. It must be sequester.

FoxNews had an interview with one of the whistleblowers and s/he said that the government knows who the mastermind is but he’s roaming free in Libya because they don’t want to upset anyone:

“We basically don’t want to upset anybody, and the problem is, if Ambassador Stevens’ family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, on and on, then, and we could look them as a government in the face, then we’re messing up. We’re messing up,” the source said.


Original Story: 4/30/13: President Obama gave a 45-minute lackluster speech today to provide answers to the burning questions out there.

Ed Henry opened the questioning by asking the president about the redline for Syria and whether our word will still be trusted after not following through on promises to act if the redline is crossed. Henry also asked the president about the Benghazi whistleblowers not being allowed to speak to the public.

President Obama gave long answers which contained no substance.

In answer to Syria, he said that he didn’t have enough information on Syria’s use of chemical weapons and didn’t even have a chain of command. He did not define what the redline would be or what he would do if if he found they crossed it. The message to Syria and Iran is not a good one.

Iran has set up an alternative government in Syria. The rebels – al Musra – have formed a coalition with al Qaeda. Al Qaeda does of course want Syria to become a radial Islamist state. If we had intervened early on, it might have mattered but now both our choices are bad ones.

One thing Obama could do is bomb the chemical weapons plants so the weapons can never be used on the Syrians, Israelis or us.

As for Benghazi, Obama said that he didn’t know anything about whistleblowers being threatened for wanting to tell what happened on 9/11/12 in Benghazi.

The lawyer for one Benghazi whistleblower, Victoria Tsoening, has been refused the customary State Department access to properly represent her client while Boston bomber, Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev, was given a lawyer with full access within 24 hours of the complaint being filed.

Tsoening said that 3 State employees, 1 CIA and others of the 20 in Benghazi that day want to come forward with information that contradicts the administration’s narrative. They have been threatened by the State Department and the CIA with loss of their careers and with possible prosecution.

Ms. Tsoening who is working pro bono said all those there that day must come forward regardless of party affiliation. It is not about politics.

The whistleblowers have information on the lack of security prior to the attack, the length of the attack, and the false narrative spread by Obama for 8 days after the attack. Obama and Clinton called it a spontaneous attack as a result of a video.

In the next video, one whistleblower says that a successful rescue could have been made within 4-6 hours before the second attack. Our men were left behind.

video of Lawyer Tsoening’s comments, whistleblower testimony

The Benghazi heros who survived were given medals and were then told to say nothing about what happened.

John Boehner has asked the administration to invoke the whistleblower law so witnesses could come forward.

Despite two requests to invoke the whistleblower act by Darrel Issa in April, the administration has not responded. Today, Obama said he knew nothing about it and would look into it. The State Department has already announced that Benghazi has been investigated enough.

President Obama addressed the Obamacare rollout which is going less than smashingly. He said it will be fine and 80% of the people will keep their insurance. He knows that is not true. Companies will drop employee health insurance and take the fine. Insurance companies will be forced to take the sickest people and will have to raise the rates accordingly. Obamacare will eventually be Single Payer, much as they have in Cuba and Russia.

Obama announced that he also plans to close GITMO. He believes the radical terrorists can be tried in a traditional court or sent to their home countries. Never has a POW been mirandized and given a lawyer at taxpayer expense with the full protections of our Constitution however, Obama said today that we traditionally do this. This is a rewrite of history.

While he had no acceptable answers on the burning questions of the day, you will be happy to know that he called up the gay football player Jason Collins and told him he was courageous.

Courageous? For telling the world what his sexual preferences are? Who really cares and why do they care?

Obama is mad.


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