Obnoxious Pentagon Advisor Refers to Pre-Game Prayer as “Putrid Example of Christian Supremacy”


Mikey Weinstein, Pentagon advisor

Former US Air Force officer and rabid anti-Christian, Mikey Weinstein, has called a ritual of military football players kneeling in prayer a “putrid” example of “Christian supremacy” and has demanded the practice be ended. He serves as an advisor to the Pentagon but only goes after all signs of Christianity in the military.

As he usually does, he claimed he has received complaints from anonymous players who don’t want to do it but are afraid to object. It’s more likely that he’s making it up. Otherwise I have to believe the air force cowards are cowardly.

Weinstein founded and presides over the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). He calls the kneeling in prayer “a scandalous outrage.”

He didn’t stop there with his hyperbolic rant. He said it can be used as anti-American propaganda by ISIS and al Qaeda.

“It’s a disgrace”, he said.

“The United States Air Force Academy is attentive to all religious freedom concerns, and we are conducting an inquiry into the complaint,” the Academy said in a statement.

“The Air Force is dedicated to maintaining an environment in which people can realise their highest potential, regardless of personal, religious or other beliefs,” the statement continued.

Prayer is now a “putrid example of Christian supremacy?”  Weinstein is one of the radical secular humanists warring against Christians and, no matter what the issue or the venue, he will attack Christians.

Before the Mountain West Conference championship game this past weekend, US Air Force Academy cadet football players defied the invective and threats of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — and prayed in the end zone.  As captured on video by NBC San Diego.

prayer mountain west conf

Why can’t players pray if they want to pray and why is Mikey Weinstein an advisor to the military? He’s venomous.

Mikey Weinstein’s criticism has been called petty even by his supporters.

Who will stick up for Christians?

His pettiness knows no limits. He tweeted this in November:

crusader tweet weinstein

The “scandal” he is referring to is the use of Crusaders’ name and imagery for Fort Rucker’s Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 212st Aviation Regiment.

This extremist is advising the Pentagon. Like a petty tyrant, he looks for any and all signs of Christianity in the military and then demands it be removed. He’s a lawyer so it doesn’t cost him to file lawsuit after lawsuit.


Weinstein is just an angry, petulant little bully. He has demanded the word “God” be removed from the Air Force pledge and wants the military to say Merry Holiday instead of Merry Christmas.

In 2013, Bill O’Reilly cut his mic, after calling him a jerk, a weasel, and a bloviator. Whereas the constitution says the country doesn’t favor any religion over another, Weinstein says any sign of Christianity must be removed.

He didn’t fare any better with Megyn Kelly. Opting out is not good enough.

Source: Daily Mail




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