Obstructionist FBI Sends Very Heavily Redacted FBI-Steele Docs to Congress


The FBI on Friday released 71 pages of heavily redacted documents tied to the bureau’s relationship with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the unverified dossier. He was hired by Fusion GPS on behalf of the Hillary campaign and the DNC. He was also working with the FBI.

The documents reveal little because of the redactions. There are payment requests. It also says that Steele was told to stop gathering intel for the FBI in November 2016, which we already knew.

It is unknown when Steele began working for the FBI which would be important to know.

The dossier was relied on to secure the warrant to spy on Carter Page and anyone picked up “incidentally”.

The FISA warrant is said to be completely fraudulent.


The new FBI documents show Steele was used as a source for an online news article and confirmed to an “outside third party” that he had a confidential relationship with the bureau. [see the docs below]

We knew that too. The online news article was one of the documents used to obtain the warrant. It was presented to the judge as a secondary source of evidence, but it was the same evidence regurgitated.

It also confirmed Steele’s termination [because he spoke to the media]

One renewal application for the surveillance warrant on Page, released in July, stated that the FBI “suspended its relationship with Source #1 due to Source #1’s unauthorized disclosure of information to the press.” Source #1 is widely reported to be Steele.


Top FBI agent Bruce Ohr continued to receive information from Steele, even after his services were discontinued. That was not sanctioned.

Ohr was demoted twice for failing to disclose his involvement with significant figures (including his wife Nellie) associated with the unverified dossier from the now-embattled research firm, Fusion GPS, which alleged President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

His wife worked for Fusion GPS to get Russia dirt on Trump.

The lawmakers say Ohr’s close relationship with former British spy and dossier author, Christopher Steele is deeply troubling. Also concerning to lawmakers is the fact that even after Steele was terminated by the FBI (he worked as a source until he was fired for “unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI”), Ohr continued to supply documents from the ex-spy to the bureau, Sara A. Carter reports.

Lawmakers want the interview documents [302s] with Ohr declassified to determine the relationship between Ohr, Fusion GPS owner Glenn Simpson, and Cristopher Steele as Trump’s campaign was investigated. Even agent Peter Strzok appeared to confirm the close relationship they had at that time.

The FBI won’t cooperated. They are hiding their egregious behavior.

“Ohr was one of the top officials at DOJ and they told the court they had terminated Steele, but Ohr was continuing to meet with Steele despite his termination and then (he was) feeding the information to the FBI,” said Nunes on Thursday. “It is completely appropriate for Grassley to ask for these documents to be declassified.”

Also, what about the unmasking of Trump campaign staff? Samantha Power, the U.N. ambassador, said she never unmasked and someone used her name to unmask. That’s a whole other issue.

It’s a corrupt mess.



FBI Files Related to Christopher Steele by NTK Network on Scribd

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