Obvious Reason Jeff Sessions Will Never Investigate Hillary or Any of the Corruption


Attorney General Jeff Sessions will never investigate Hillary Clinton, and even if he somehow orders an investigation, he will turn it over to the very people who were involved in the Obama-Clinton Russia-Uranium deals and the discredited dossier.

Jeff Sessions told us exactly that during his confirmation hearings. He should have withdrawn at that time because the scope of his recusal was too broad.

The future attorney general said he would recuse.

“With regard to Secretary Clinton and some of the comments I made, I do believe that that could place my objectivity in question, I’ve given that thought, I believe the proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kinds of investigations that involve Secretary Clinton that were raised during the campaign or could be otherwise connected to it.”

His recusal was extremely and unnecessarily broad.

He said he wouldn’t even “defer” as Loretta Lynch did, he’d “recuse” himself “from any questions involving those kinds of investigations that…uh…involve secretary Clinton that were raised during the campaign…or could otherwise be connected to it.”

In response to Senator Grassley’s request for elaboration Sessions agreed that it included the Clinton email case and any matters related to the Clinton Foundation.

That means all of it automatically goes to Rosenstein who is himself implicated in these scandals and he is only wrapped up in Trump-Russia collusion it seems.

While we think highly of the former congressman, he needs to resign from this position.


  1. Is the reason he won’t do anything because he said the recuse himself when he was being confirmed? is he just keeping his word or what? I don’t understand. If Trump knew he wasn’t going to do anything about Clinton, then why didn’t he withdraw his nomination? This SUCKS BIG TIME.

    • It was a trap from the start and the senate hearings set the stage for it. He is dishonorable. In the end, he will have no friends except a few people in the beltway. Alabama will not be rolling out a red carpet for him.

  2. Jeff Sessions becomes more like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch every time he neglects to prosecute obvious criminality. He is a closet liberal and he ignores our Constitution and the oath by which he swore regarding its protection.

  3. Jeff Sessions epitomizes the very worst of Washington hypocrisy. Sessions held himself out as a law and order tough guy, vowed to stop the Obama era, “soft on crime,” approach and return us to a nation of equal and necessary Law and Order. Where did that tough guy go?

    We often see among our congressmen and senators, especially nearing election season, them touting their accomplishments and “tough” stances on very SAFE issues. Who doesn’t want to see elected officials lend their staunch support of our military, our veterans? SAFE. Who among us do not want assurances, these people will take seriously the current, “War On Drugs,” and profound consequences for drug cartels and dealers? SAFE.

    Americans have grown weary, downright furious, the very obvious current state of our Judicial system. Specifically, our laws and the violating of those laws, do NOT APPLY TO POLICITICANS and the Washington Elites.

    Sessions is either an absolute coward or he is a covert denizen of the DC sewer system. Yes, he is going after MS13, the criminal illegal elements in America… good, and safe. When it comes to addressing the abysmal state of our judicial system when it involves the TREASONOUS Washington Elites, Sessions is nowhere to be found.

    GW, in his downright insulting speech last week, pointed out there is a , “Crisis of Confidence,” in America today. He is absolutely correct, there is. Millions of American citizens are currently witness to some of the very WORST abuses of power, ever. Rubbed in our faces, the many powerful Washington Sewer Rats grossly in violation of a very LONG list of laws, many of which pose a direct threat to our national security AND THUMB THEIR NOSES, almost daring anybody to do anything about it all. There used to be a name for these acts, there were called, TREASON for which the punishment was execution.

    During the Obama regime, many Republicans allowed congress, one of our three branches of government, to become impotent, castrated – little more than a dog and pony show where by subpoenas could be ignored, testimonies could amount to fabricated fairytales and NOBODY was held accountable. For God’s sake, they allowed the Executive Branch to literally weaponized a whole host of federal agencies trained upon ordinary citizens for the crime of disagreeing with the regime. AND STILL nobody has been held accountable.

    The day Sessions advised he would not pursue Lois Lerner for her crimes, the handwriting was on the proverbial wall. This AG would stand in the way of our once in a nation’s lifetime opportunity to clean house of the many traitorous members of the creeping coup being conducted by the Shadow Government, the Deep State.

    Jeff Sessions must go. Trump knows it… and I believe at the first, appropriate opportunity, he will lose the AG position, something he has coveted for many years and was willing to sell his soul to achieve. Understanding it may be time consuming to replace Sessions. For expedience sake, President Trump will need to appoint an acting AG, somebody able to hit the ground running and NOT a former resident of the Swamp.

    If I were him, I’d tap Guilani whose experience includes successfully waging combat against the Cosa Nostra in NY. He might also want to consider Judge Jeannine who has been extremely vocal in what must be done, is quite capable and without doubt, a dedicated patriot of our country.

    • Republicans have had enough of this bait & switch from people that pretend to be tough until action is required. There is lots of speculation on the motives of Sessions, it is an interesting subject, but the result is the same regardless of motive, and the motives are all bad. Tough action is needed. Sessions pulled an incredibly dirty trick on Trump. He will pull another one, by forcing Trump to remove him, leading to a backlash against Trump.

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