October 13th! The Americans Are Going to Planet Washington!



Planet Washington with a few space balls pictured. Obama is Helmut head

Washington is not functioning. We have a Congress that doesn’t work and a President who can’t lead. Our leaders are not dealing with reality and they think it’s business as usual.

With all that is going on and with the American people suffering, one congressman today was complaining about not having clean towels in the House gym. Bruce Braley, a Democrat, said he pays for the gym (about $10 or $20 a month) and Congress has to do their own laundry. Wow! How ever do they do it?!?

Listen to this guy. There’s no towel service! Such suffering!

Some Americans have had enough.

Two non-partisan rallies are going to take place this coming weekend and both will send a strong message to DC – hopefully.

It is time for DC to do their job. The American people are sick and tired of the dysfunctional government. We want our vets treated with respect. We want to keep our Constitution and our freedoms in tact.

The Truckers will ride to DC for the Constitution in a three-day protest beginning October 11th through the 13th. Check out Gateway Pundit for details. Hopefully, they aren’t planning to arrest anyone though they claim they are going to DC to arrest any politicians who haven’t abided by the law.*

If Bruce Braley keeps talking the way he did in this interview, I might change my mind about the arrests.

On the 13th, there will be a Million Vet March on the Memorials.

The organizers of both rallies say they are not aligned with any political party.

The Independent Sentinel will be at the rally on the 13th if we can get past the trucks that is.

* Unsurprisingly, maybe none of this is true. The truckers might not going to arrest anyone or shut down highways.

This is from the the Examiner:

“We do not intend to obstruct traffic or close down any roads.”
“We are not coming to arrest anyone.”


We, the Truckers Riding For The Constitution only wish to awaken the American People to the complete disregard for the Constitution and to bring a message to Congress that We The People demand to be heard. We do not intend to arrest anyone or blockade DC until Obama is impeached. There are news articles and false statements going out from groups and people that are not a part of this movement. Please understand that these people do not speak for us.


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