Giuliani Tried to Otherize Obama!



Commie Van Jones said that Rudy Giuliani’s remarks stating the obvious – that Barack Obama doesn’t love America – was a way to otherize him.

Otherize means to make alien or “other”…but…but…Obama is an “other”.

He wants to give jobs to terrorists if he can’t tweet them to death, he plans to make law enforcement into baby sitters and social workers, lies about everything, and he thinks we’re at war with Sovereign Citizens.

Yep, he’s an other.

VanJones said Giuliani has now fallen down the steps to Donald Trump status. I wonder how Donald feels about that.

VanJones asked if Giuliani thought the American people are so stupid as to vote for a man twice who doesn’t love America. Apparently so! In fairness, Obama puts on a good front.

Heres’ VanJones:

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