Of Course the End Goal Is Gun Confiscation

Hillary Clinton will do her best to confiscate guns.
Hillary Clinton will do her best to confiscate guns.

There is little doubt that this administration and Hillary Clinton want massive gun confiscation, but what is unclear is whether or not they understand they could provoke a serious civil uprising. Obama constantly attacks our laws and he and his ilk spread vile propaganda, much of it distortions and lies, without presenting the other side. Worldwide condemnation is sought at every turn and if he can use the Small Arms Treaty or this 2030 Sustainable Development Treaty to take our rights away, are there still any lingering doubts that he will?

Sheriff Clarke, reacting to the response of Roseburg residents to Obama’s press conferences, said they know he wants to confiscate guns.

The left camouflages what their end goals are with gun control but every once in a while, someone admits the truth. New York Times’ Josh Barro did when he told an MSNBC panel – in response to a question about Hillary Clinton’s gun control plans – that what would have to be implemented is a “massive” gun confiscation, but people realize that even though it would be a “positive change”, it would be a “sea change”.

Josh Barro
Josh Barro

“It’s what I would expect a Democratic presidential candidate to say. But if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she’ll be a president facing a Republican House at least, possibly also a Republican Senate. So I don’t think that there will be significant change in gun policy if Hillary Clinton is president. I mean, we already have a Democratic president now and we haven’t had significant change on it. But I would also note, the things that we talk about in the United States are so at the margins on this stuff that I wonder how they would impact gun violence.

If you did something like Australia did, where you really take away massive amounts of guns that people have, reduce the rate of gun ownership substantially in society, you could have a big impact on violent crime. But, I mean, changes with background checks will help at the margin, but I wouldn’t expect that to have big impacts on the rate of violent crime in the country, which I think is part of the reason you haven’t had the knock down drag out fight from proponents that could have on this. Because I think there is a sense that while these changes would be positive changes, they would not be sea changes.”

Recently, in response to some states relaxing their gun laws regarding open-carry firearms laws, some gun control lobby activists have decided to put law-abiding gun owners in danger by urging people to call the police on anyone carrying a gun in public.

“If you see someone carrying a firearm in public—openly or concealed—and have ANY doubts about their intent, call 911 immediately and ask police to come to the scene,” the far-left gun control group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence wrote on its Facebook page.

Obama 5

Barack Obama alluded to the possibility of gun confiscation in his recent presser where he stood “on the bodies of the corpses” of the loved ones in Roseburg, as the Roseburg publisher put it.

Great Britain and Australia implemented full bans on guns and went on a gun confiscation spree. When Barack Obama gave his speech last week, he suggested we should do the same in the United States.

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it,” he said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo who put the unconstitutional SAFE Act in place, has talked about gun confiscation. This is where the left is going.

Go to this link to hear about innocent Americans in New York State who are having their guns confiscated or listen here.


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