Of Course the Second Amendment Is Our Natural Right


Our Bill of Rights has been politicized and our inherent rights are being contested by the leftists who now control the Democratic Party.

Government’s purpose is to grow and never stop growing. It is a mindless, soulless creature that invites power-mongers and thieves into the highest levels if not controlled. Once government is fully in control, people let it consume them for the imaginary security it provides or because they’re afraid. Government must not be allowed to grow to the point at which it cannot be reversed.

A recent poll in Cuba showed that only 49% of the Cuban people were upset at the loss of freedom. These are people who need passes to travel about their own island and who can’t even think an ill thought against their Dear Leader.

The Second Amendment in particular is in the crosshairs in the United States and this latest slaughter of 9 innocent people in South Carolina has set off a new wave of anti-gun demands.

There are those on the left who insist it is not an inherent right to own a gun. Some insist we can’t own knives they don’t approve of as well.

John Locke


Mankind has known it’s a natural right throughout the ages.

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government aimed at reforming Britain’s monarchy and parliamentary system by limiting the power of government. It profoundly influenced the Founders and all Western Civilization. John Locke explained that civil government properly exists to more effectively protect the rights that all individuals have in the “state of nature.”

The individuals have the rights to life, liberty, and property. They give civil government the power over themselves only to the extent that it better protects those rights.

Thomas Jefferson mandated that Locke’s Second Treatise be taught in the University of Virginia.

Our country was founded on the belief that our right to self-defense is an inherent natural right. This does not depend on God. It is an inherent right of all human beings and it has been as long as there has been a written word.


Aristotle observed: “As of oligarchy so of tyranny … Both mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms.” Aristotle, Politics, Book 5, part x.


Cicero wrote in a speech that our right to self-defense is inborn in our hearts.

“There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.

When weapons reduce them to silence, the laws no longer expect one to wait their pronouncements. For people who decide to wait for these will have to wait for justice, too—and meanwhile they must suffer injustice first.

Cicero also wrote: “Civilized people are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity, communities by tradition; and lesson is inculcated even in wild beasts by nature itself. They learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of any and every kind by all the means within their power.” Marcus Tullius Cicero, “In Defence of Titus Annus Milo,” in Selected Speeches of Cicero (Michael Grant translator and editor, 1969.)

Self-defense is not an option – it’s a moral obligation.

Supreme Court Justice Stevens would have us believe we only have the right to call 911. Leftists want to make gun control so restrictive that self-defense is no longer an option. We have such laws here in New York and the crime is high and rising.

How many videos did the left put out demonstrating how people can defend themselves against a killer with an AK by stabbing them with a pen?

Bill O’Reilly is going to discuss the Second Amendment and sensible gun control this evening. I don’t know what he will say and though he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, he might not be a strong supporter. This is dangerous ground. If the left gets an inch, they take it all.

On his show last evening, he suggested there is the need for laws to stop people like the SC killer – Dylann Roof.

It’s irrational to think that we can stop every maniac who wants to kill people and we all know that if someone wants to commit a mass slaughter of innocents, that person will find a way.

Dylann Roof said he stole his gun. He received money from his parents for his birthday and bought a gun with it or his dopey father bought it, depending on which story you listen to.

One of the IS writers, JudyAnn Joyner, who is also a nurse, wrote a comment on another article I’d like to repost here. Her comment was in connection to the comments made by Mr. Obama that we have to stop these killings by passing laws.

Of course, President Obama wasted no time using this tragedy to launch yet another attack on our 2nd Amendment. As such, I will take this opportunity to respond…we can point fingers in several directions with regard to this very sick and evil young man.

First, the state of mental health care in this country is deplorable. Back in the 1970’s, politicians thought it a great idea to shut down every mental health facility in the country and redirect those funds to other areas (sometimes, toward their own pockets).

One excuse they used was that placing mentally disturbed people in community group homes was a more compassionate approach. Of course, none of these group homes ended up in THEIR communities and since they were impossible to properly oversee, many just walked away, which is why we see the vast increase of homeless wandering the streets often committing violent crimes…and when they do, they become inmates adding to a very over crowded prison system.

Sadly, in many of these tragic incidences, family members of these perpetrators are well aware of their state of mental illness but there is simply NO place to put them, no mental hospital beds available.

Secondly, we know Dylann Roof found it necessary to stop and reload his gun no fewer than FIVE TIMES. As with MOST of these mass shootings, the absence of another being able to avail themselves of a firearm, INCREASES the body count. As an example atFt. Hood our military people are forbidden from carrying firearms. Surrounded by able-bodied soldiers, not a single one of them was able to defend themselves and others to reduce the carnage.

Illinois, counted among 10 states with the strictest gun laws in the country, racks up victims of gun violence OUTNUMBERING military losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, COMBINED.

“In 2010, nearly 700 Chicago school children were shot and 66 of them died. Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a memorial for 260 school children who had been killed in just the previous three years. On several occasions in the past year, tens of people have been shot in a single weekend on the streets of the city. The worst three-day stretch saw 10 killed and 37 wounded in gun fire. But Google the term “Chicago weekend shootings” and the results are far too many deadly weekends to count.” Source: alternet.org

Finally, it is simply impossible to legislate away evil. Evil has always, and always will, exist in the world. That the Left insists on viewing everything through the prism of race only serves to incite violence and, most certainly, is NO help.

While President Obama hastens to turn this latest shooting into political theater, perhaps he can find it in his heart to dedicate a word or two for those 700 children (and the many more since) shot in one single year in Chicago.

We are taking law-abiding citizens and telling them they must register their guns. It makes felons out of law-abiding citizens. We are not supposed to arrest people before they commit crimes.

Judge Napolitano said the Second Amendment was for self-defense against individual assaults – it’s also to defend against group and government assaults.  The Second Amendment helps protect us from tyrants in government.

If African-Americans had guns in the early part of our Founding, would slavery have continued? Had the Jews been well-armed in WWII, would 6 million of them have been slaughtered?

We must keep in mind that if one Amendment goes down, they will all fall like a house of cards.

My ancient sources came from Sword and Tome 


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Francis W. Porretto
7 years ago

Natural rights? Freedom? Sorry, Sara; that page has already been turned…and conservatives, by accepting the doctrine of “compelling government interest” as a trump card that can nullify any right, have helped to turn it.

No less a figure than the late William F. Buckley once argued that the right to keep and bear arms was limited to persons currently serving in a militia. Other conservative luminaries have argued for “reasonable restrictions,” whatever that means today, on firearms ownership. There is no longer any understanding of the difference between a right and a permission.

Welcome to the future. Hope all you folks who helped to build it enjoy the no-rights, no-property, total-surveillance Omnipotent State.