Off-Duty Black Officer Reports on What Actually Happened at Trump Arizona Rally


officer reports on trump rally

The video is an account by an off-duty police officer of what actually happened at the Arizona Trump rally where a radical was belted by an angry black protester. The radical was screaming and followed by a woman in a KKK hood.

This black officer wanted to hear Trump to hear what he had to say and to find out what was really going at these rallies. These protesters, as we have reported, are abusive.

He wasn’t expecting what he saw and found it “very, very shocking.” The protesters were “outrageous” and “verbally violent.”

The Trump people were peaceful, he recalled.

Trump paid for the rally as a private event and he did not randomly kick people out. There were instructions before the rally to advise people to not become violent.

The protesters were acting “afool”, “flipping people off”, saying “f… you” in front of children. One woman escorted her child out with her hands over the child’s ears.

Even as a police officer, he was uncomfortable he said, despite all he had seen as an officer, he was uncomfortable because of the protesters, not the Trump supporters. The supporters weren’t saying anything, but the protesters just kept cursing and screaming. They were saying the most hateful things.

Trump said a lot of positive things and did not say anything hateful. He has a problem with illegal immigration, not immigration. He only addressed radical Islam, not all Muslims. He wasn’t a “crazy psychopath” and the attendees weren’t aggressive.

The one protester who was punched was asking to be punched in this officer’s estimation. Another guy with a racist flag was trying to upset the crowd and he had his flag ripped out of his hands and thrown over the balcony.

It was the protesters who railed throughout about 60% of Trump’s speech. They couldn’t be thrown out because they were locking arms.

The impression of Trump by the media is “disingenuous.” These protesters are hateful.


Most of the attendees were from the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group. Soros is funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign. These people aren’t protesters, they are leftist agitators and many are paid. They entered a private venue and abused the attendees.


This is the fool who was punched.