Officer Is Under Investigation for Saving Destitute Children in Chicagoland


This is, in the least, a colossal waste of time and money. An investigation into a kind officer who helped three young girls and their grandmother is under investigation.

The Chicago Police Department is investigating after Chicago Police Sergeant Charles Artz found three young girls living in an abandoned home and helped them.

The officer set up a GoFundMe page for the girls, but apparently he violated a rule by “soliciting funds”. He first secured permission from his superiors.

FILE – In this Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016 file photo, Delores Anderson takes care of her three granddaughters at home in the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago.

He found the girls living in horrible conditions and launched the effort to raise money and supplies for the kids. The police located the grandmother who immediately agreed to care for them though it would mean losing her job as a temp worker.

Dolores Anderson has food, clothes, and housing for herself and the children thanks to this police sergeant and the police in the precinct.

Anderson said she would be homeless and the girls would be living in foster care if it wasn’t for the generosity of 7th district Chicago police officers.

About the investigation, Ms. Anderson said, “I believe it is waste of time, energy and money because he is a good man. I have good feelings about people and he is one of the best.”

The complaint against him was lodged by CPD Internal Affairs Commander Robert Klimas. No matter how the investigation turns out, this will remain on his record as a blot

This will be great for police morale.

We were told people wanted more community-oriented policing. Guess that was another lie.

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