Officers Are Tired of “All the Pathologies of the American Ghetto Being Piled on Them” ~ Sheriff Clarke


Arrests are down 50% and crime in Baltimore is up 100% since last year. Murders are up 40% and non-fatal shootings are up 60%. Nonviolent crimes are up 175%.  Welcome to the fundamental transformation of policing.

The new, kinder progressive policing assumes police will do their jobs and wait to be second-guessed on everything they do. They’re ducks in a shooting gallery.

Baltimore police are afraid to do proactive policing. They are alienated by the prosecutor, the police chief and the mayor. No one has their backs. If they neglect to follow a new rule that requires seat belts in vans, they could lose their jobs and their freedom. They will be arrested for murder if the person dies.

Double-digit shootings are expected to be routine this summer as a result of the social work policing.

The shootings will definitely get worse this summer, not because the police are killing people, but because the gangs in the ghetto are killing people and police can’t do their job with no support from their commissioner right up to the president of the United States. The president’s words are disheartening and no one has their backs.

Listen to this officer.

The killings in Baltimore are now citywide, not simply confined to the ghettos where the gangs usually operate.

As police attempt to arrest people, crowds gather around them and threaten them. The mob has been riled up and empowered.

The police are, as a result, not being proactive in their policing but that is what Barack Obama wants. He got his “softer” look.

Megyn Kelly asked Mark Fuhrman about it.

The revolutionaries leading the protests want fewer arrests, no mass incarceration, no aggressive policing, and if not, the police will be accused of taking part in structural racism. The criminals committing the crimes get a pass. In fact, gang members are actively involved in the “protests.”

The police can’t possibly do their job and they’ve given up on their commissioner. They are sick of being blamed for all the problems of the American ghetto. They don’t want to lost their lives, they don’t want to end up on a memorial wall, end up with a serious injury, even though that’s part of the job, Sheriff Clarke said in an interview with Sean Hannity on his show last night.

He didn’t get to finish but what he means is they will risk their lives when they have support but not under these circumstances.

What we are seeing – thanks to Obama’s fundamental transformation of the police – is “unnecessary black carnage”, “mob rule that wants not justice, they want revenge,” Sheriff Clarke said.

As a perfect example of the irrationality of the mob, they are going to drill a plaque honoring Mike Brown into the road where he died. Brown was in the act of committing a felony at the time of his death, but, anything to appease the mob.

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