Officers Turn Their Backs on De Blasio: “I Can’t Stand Even Looking at Him”


officers turn their backs

In what the NY Times describes as a “silent show of disrespect”, the police officers standing outside the funeral ceremony of Officer Wenjian Liu turned their backs as Bill de Blasio’s voice came over the loudspeaker.

Contrast the phrasing by the NY Times with the way they described Ferguson protests/riots:

At the police station here, protesters stepped slowly into a line of officers in riot gear in order to be arrested. Along a rainy avenue not far away, a small group sat down in the street until half a dozen of them were taken into custody…These carefully staged events, one by one on Monday across the St. Louis region, made up the largest and most organized acts of civil disobedience in the two months since a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown.

The NYPD were not showing disrespect for the assassinated officer, quite the opposite. It is a peaceful protest as opposed to the riots de Blasio encouraged by his words and deeds.

Commissioner Bratton asked the NYPD not to turn their backs. Bratton should take notice.

Tens of thousands from around the country attended the funeral. Jet Blue paid for a thousand to come.

Rep. King, who isn’t NY’s most courageous congressman, said he wouldn’t have protested because it was a funeral and they made the point the previous week, according to the NY Post.

Two plainclothes cops, outside the funeral home, made no apologies for their back-turning protest, the Post reported.

“He [de Blasio] turned his back on us,” one officer said.

“I can’t stand even looking at him,” the other cop said. “He has no friends here.”


Officer Liu was much-loved and his tragic death never should have happened.

He is a man – an immigrant – who dreamed of becoming a police officer.

He immigrated to the United States 20 years ago with his parents when he was only twelve. He was married two months at the time of his death.

“To me, he is my soul mate,” Liu’s grieving widow, Pei Xia Chen, told mourners. “Wenjian is an incredible husband, son, co-worker and friend – my best friend. ”

She cried throughout her address.

He was a devoted son, the only son.

Officer Liu's parents

Watch Pei Xia Chen, widow of Officer Liu. Her words are heartbreaking. He sounds like a wonderful person.


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