It’s Official! UK Puts People in Prison for Thought Crimes


The Brits haven’t responded to the serial rapes in the U.K. or the terror attacks with the same fierce condemnation with which they pursue so-called hate speech. The thought police are now arresting people who say things that are offensive.

Nigel Pelham was charged with eight counts of publishing threatening written material intending to stir up religious hatred against Muslims on dates between February 24 and November 16, 2015 on his own Facebook account.

He expressed hatred of Muslims.

Pelham pleaded guilty to 8 counts of inciting hatred and was sentenced to 20 months for each count to be served concurrently. He also has to pay £100 victim surcharge and has had two hard drives and his tower computer confiscated.

They even have a hate crime Sergeant monitoring speech. He is encouraging people to turn others in: “I encourage people who witness such content, to report it to the provider of the social media platform, but such reports can also be made to us online.”

The online troll isn’t personally sympathetic. He sarcastically suggested Britain should introduce a ‘bomb a mosque day’ scheme.

The prosecutor said his views were “really offensive” and he was trying to incite religious hatred. They don’t know that, they read his thoughts. He never admitted to that.

Hatred and discrimination are a bad thing but worse than that is a government that criminalizes thought.

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