Oh This Is Appropriate! Chicago Teachers Might Strike on Communist Holiday


May Day is recognized throughout the world as the Communist holiday. Chicago teachers might select that day for a possible one-day strike to call attention to the budget “crisis” that the union president Karen Lewis says will bring an early end to the school year, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“If the board goes ahead with the threat of canceling three weeks of school, we would view their action as a massive violation of our contract,” CTU President Karen Lewis told reporters gathered at the union’s new headquarters in the West Town neighborhood. “And that could provoke a strike.”

Lewis is a commie, no doubt about it and she has helped corrupt the school system.

They plan to discuss it for a month.

The idea for a May 1 strike emerged from discussions with the union’s executive board, Lewis said.

“Some people will say, ‘Well, if you strike, won’t you be losing another day of pay?’ But I would say if we don’t fight back, if we stay at home and they threaten us with furloughs and school closures, if we cower under the covers, then we are never going to stop these fights,” she said.

Maybe they just want off on their favorite holiday. This is really great for their image.

They’ve been involved in marches with communist signs during past contract grievances. Some can’t spell and their vocabulary is rather limited.

Check out the lovely May Day marchers in Chicago in 2015. The media likes to ignore these people. The conservatives are the counter culture and these anti-government types are protected.


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