Oh Brother, Kellyanne Conway’s Hubby Forms an Anti-Trump Group


George Conway, a conservative attorney, and husband to Donald Trump’s senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has formed an organization of conservative lawyers whose goal is to push back against the president. Isn’t this a conflict of some kind?

What the hay is wrong with this guy? Maybe Kellyanne should dump him.

The group is called Checks and Balances. It’s allegedly a place for conservative lawyers to go and feel free to oppose the Republican White House. Also allegedly, they’re defending truth and the rule of law.

Truth and the rule of law are great things to stand for but if their only intent is to oppose Trump like the infernally idiotic Bill Krystal, maybe they should rethink that.

The President basically ignores George Conway but recently referred to him as Mr. Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne said about the conflict, it “doesn’t affect me or my job at all. I’ve never been doing better personally or professionally”. Sounds good but one must wonder if it’s true.

The most recent clash between the President and ole George was over the President’s appointment of Matt Whitaker as the Acting Attorney General. Even the DOJ came out and said the appointment is constitutional. George believes it to be unconstitutional.

Not for nothing, but we’ve had an Acting Attorney General before.

It’s ridiculous to say it’s not constitutional. We have a Vacancies Reform Act which allows it. The TV lawyers who are calling it a constitutional crisis should be fired for malfeasance. As for Conway, he’s blinded by anti-Trump ism.

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