Oh Great, Look Up and See What Government Thinks Should Fly Over Your Head


drones delivering packages

Can you stop progress? What do you think about this?

The FAA is going to let drones fly over people and you can expect a lot of these drones once the okay is given. They will soon be delivering goods, monitoring and doing whatever drones do. That might get old real fast.

Saving lives in dense traffic.
Saving lives in dense traffic.

A woman in Nebraska recently shot down a legal drone that was monitoring cattle because she was scared. Every couple weeks someone shoots down a drone but that will probably have to stop or it will provide the government with another opportunity to imprison innocent people with guns.

shoot drone2

The FAA formed a committee to study the issue last year as a way to circumvent the federal regulations. The committee is recommending standards that will likely clear the way for commercial drone flights over populated areas and help speed the introduction of package delivery drones.

The risks are nominal,” said Michael Drobac, executive director of the Small UAV Coalition. “The reality is the technology would likely save lives rather than threaten them.”

Let’s see. Normal risks? How about a wind crashing one down on a person’s head or crashing into a car or a terrorist arming them?

There will be four categories of drones. The first will be a half-pound and they will be unrestricted. The other three categories would have to fly at least 20 feet over the heads of people and keep a distance of at least 10 feet laterally from someone. Manufacturers would have to show there was a 30 percent chance or less that a person would be seriously injured if struck by the drone at the maximum strength impact possible.

That means they can be dangerous 30 percent of the time. It will provide more jobs for lawyers.

Are these things noisy? If they are, people are going to shoot them down.


Source: Associate Press

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6 years ago

Along with the drones, congress just recently held hearings with all the car manufacturing tech people on self driving cars!!!wow this country is going stupid fast!!