Oh, How the Mighty Megyn Has Fallen


Megyn Kelly, attack dog


Most people, including me, know that Megyn Kelly is not only gorgeous, but also smart, sassy, incisive in her interviews, and also genuinely funny. But the interview she conducted Wednesday night, August 26, with Jorge Ramos was disgraceful––the kind of toadying and biased interrogation that should be Exhibit #1 in journalism schools across the country about how not to be a legitimate journalist.


Ramos is a reporter for Univision, the company being sued by presidential candidate Donald Trump after they terminated their contractual relationship (including television broadcast obligations) with the Trump-backed Miss Universe Organization.

The official charges include breach of contract and defamation, with the plaintiffs seeking more than $500-million in damages. Univision took its punitive action after Mr. Trump said that Mexican immigrants, including criminals and rapists, were teeming over our southern border––in other words, for exercising his constitutional right to free speech.

The Kelly interview was about Mr. Trump’s ousting Ramos from a press conference the previous evening, after the candidate pointed to an audience member who had a question to ask.

Instead, Ramos stood up and preempted that question, not with a question of his own, but with a virtual filibuster of grievances. And what did Ramos have the chutzpah to whine to Megyn Kelly about? That his free speech was being curtailed! Now that is rich!

Kelly had no doubt watched the film of exactly what had taken place. But not a peep out of her to give her audience the context of what had actually transpired. She also knew that Trump initially responded to Ramos’s outburst by saying repeatedly, “you weren’t called on, sit down.” Peepless.

Kelly also knew that Trump’s personal aide came out to the lobby to invite Ramos back into the auditorium. Not a peep. And she knew that the two men then engaged in a lengthy back and forth, apparently to the satisfaction of both of them. Still no peep.

Did Kelly’s viewing audience learn of any of these mitigating circumstances? Again, not a single peep from Kelly, who allowed––indeed encouraged––Ramos to go on and on in the victim role he so clearly basks in.

Did Kelly ask Ramos if it were true that his daughter works for Hillary Clinton? Would that not have been highly relevant? Not a peep!

Megyn’s interview was as dishonest as it gets in the world of what should be legitimate journalism (although in today’s America, “legitimate journalism” may be the ultimate oxymoron!). While Ramos portrayed himself as the victim of big bad Donald Trump, and himself as the virtuous believer in Free Speech and the right to be heard, Megyn put on her most sincere listening face, but failed to challenge any of Ramos’s lies.



The pack, that is, of other TV personalities who forgot but were then reminded that they were simply employees. Both Paula Zahn and Alisyn Camerota were Fox News Network news readers, commentators, hosts, co-hosts, anchors, whatever––both delivering their commentary with a distinctly conservative flavor.

When they moved to CNN, however (Zahn in 2001; Camerota in 2014), their commentary magically became unmistakably liberal.

But it wasn’t magic at all. Both women worked for the big business of American media, with bosses who issue directives and, in essence, tell them what to say––not the exact phrasing, but certainly the slant. That’s how business works…the boss calls the shots and the employees either comply or get booted.

And if you think that the bosses have the final say, think again. The major outlets––both print and electronic––take a lot of their marching orders from the White House. That’s right, and while the government-controlled press/TV/radio didn’t begin with Mr. Obama, his regime has certainly taken it to unprecedented heights.

As just one example, have we heard about one single civilian casualty in the thousand of drone strikes Mr. Obama has ordered over the past almost-seven years in the Middle East? Even one? I rest my case.



But I digress. For decades, the media have prided themselves on having the greatest influence on who gets elected and who doesn’t, particularly in the big contests for president (of which there is only one) and senators (of which there are only 100).

They also like to pick their favorite spokespeople, even if those selections are completely unrepresentative of public sentiment.

Karl Rove of Fox is a perfect example. A big kahuna in the President George W. Bush years and a virtual encyclopedia of electoral minutiae, Rove likes his politicians rather tame and manipulable, and that is why he appears to call the shots for Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee, who faithfully echoes Rove’s white bread sentiments.

Clearly, Rove and his Democrat counterparts–recycled dinosaurs, all––are kept on because of the pricey contracts they’ve signed. It is certainly not that they shed any light! And then along comes Donald Trump and all they can do is hurl snooty insults and wage bets against the obvious frontrunner.

Yes, that Donald Trump, the guy who tells it like it is, never fails to remind you that he knows how to negotiate and strike deals and make America great again, the guy who has learned through thousands of negotiations how to “read” people (and the language they use) with unerring accuracy.

Even before he “read” Megyn Kelly, he came out of the candidate’s box with an insult to Sen. John McCain and a virtual manifesto against illegal immigration. And how did the media––both conservative and liberal––react? With reflexive horror, well-practiced political correctness, tsk-tsk raised eyebrows, and uniform condemnation.



And how did the public react––that would be me and you and all the other ignorant rubes who the media elites believe can’t hold a candle to own their immense wisdom and knowledge?

We-the-People not only gave Mr. Trump huge poll ratings, but also heaved a huge sigh of gratitude. At last, they seemed to say, a guy who speaks to our concerns and doesn’t give a damn about the political correctness that violates our First Amendment rights every minute of every day, a guy who not only wants to protect our southern border, but also do away with every aspect of the horrors we’ve experienced over the past several years, including:

The diminishment of our military (and the shabby treatment of our veterans)

  • The horrific socialized medicine nightmare of Obamacare
  • The ghastly dumb-down-our-kids education fiasco known as Common Core
  • The crushing national debt
  • The Mt. Everest heights of unemployment
  • The infiltration of the America-loathing and anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood into the highest reaches of our government (including State, Homeland Security, the Pentagon, Health and Human Services, and the White House itself!)
  • On and on…

We know that not a single Democrat candidate for president is speaking out on these America-destroying issues? All you hear from them is victim, victim, victim, more money, more money, more money. Nothing with the Democrats has changed in over 70 years––and nothing has succeeded!

But the Trump promise to do away with or change or fix our problems is ringing true to the American public. Why? Because he’s proved it again and again in his own business life, surmounting losses and turning them into profits, and in his personal life, weathering disappointments in his marriages––and yet his two former wives are his biggest fans, and his children are model citizens!

Yes, there is an embarrassment of riches on the Republican side, and at least four or five candidates are impressively articulate in stating their plans for a better America. But none of them has the business experience and toughness and aggressiveness (which we need right now) of Mr. Trump.

The same Mr. Trump who perceived, quite accurately, I think, that Megyn Kelly was more than provocative in the first debate, indeed in a “gotcha” mode to entrap, embarrass, and diminish him. To the entire country’s surprise, Trump fought back, accusing Kelly of being, in essence, unprofessional and of gratuitously baiting him.

The next day…poll numbers boomed for Mr. Trump!

However, Mr. Trump went a step further. He went directly to Megyn’s boss, Roger Ailes, president of Fox News and chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group, and according to the candidate’s own report, it was a productive meeting in which Ailes promised that Fox would “be fair” to him Mr. Trump. All good. And then––coincidence?––Megyn announced she was leaving for a two-week vacation.

But when she came back, Mr. Trump tweeted that Megyn was not on her game, and apparently both Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox (and The New York Post, among numerous other holdings), and Roger Ailes, decided that they would summon all their power and influence to take Trump down. Clearly, they’ve dispatched General Megyn Kelly to the front lines.

On Wednesday, the news was preoccupied by the tragic death of two young media people from Virginia who were murdered while on air. But throughout the day there was a steady drumbeat of anti-Trump commentary and innuendo on Fox.

If things continue on the same trajectory for Mr. Trump, I suspect he may end up thanking Fox for kicking his polls numbers into the stratosphere!

by Joan Swirsky



  1. Love your article. You have verified my sentiments totally.I have been a Fox fan but lately I have been disappointed in Kelly and others . I support Trump and hope he goes all the way

  2. My husband and I and a lot of other people we know will no longer be watching Kelly after the treatment of Donald Trump during debate. however we noticed even before the debate she was getting snippy and acting with chip on her shoulder. Who does she think she is? She’s just a TV personality. Not like she’s running for office ?

    • I always like her, but she seems to have this arrogance about her now that is turning a lot of people off. I think the way she attacked Trump at the debate was over the top and some of her interviews have been out of line.

  3. The more they slam Trump the more people will like him. The DC cartel and the corrupt news channels just don’t get it. They are helping him win. It’s great to see these people who have destroyed the country get taken down. The only bad thing is that Trump is probably in danger because they can’t control him and that makes him a threat to the people who try to control us.

  4. Megyn’s bias showed load and clear in both the RNC debates and the interveue with Ramos. I will no longer watch her show. When Bill’s show is over normally I watch the Kelly Files, but NO LONGER, I’m moving then to another channel.

  5. I use to watch Kelly for her fair and intelligent journalism, and I thought she had some class but, some how she has lost her class and professional ethics along the way. I have lost respect for her and will not watch her anymore. Her biased interview with the rude and whiny Jorge Ramos says it all!

  6. Fox and Kelly have become to easy to recognize.
    Like the media they are, smoke and mirrors… fox has always been a “pretend” conservative station. Murdoch isn’t conservative, but he allows this make believe format to continue, why? Pretend and probably some kind of sick thrill. Put Savage or Levin on, then I’ll watch. The rest are nothing more than chess pieces and Trump scares the s%&* out of them. Kelly, you’re great looking, but as the old saying goes; beauty is skin deep and ugly is clear to the bone!


  8. Great article well written. In the past, Kelly has shown herself to be nasty and small-minded, especially when the topic of discussion hits home — as when she was discussing working moms with Lou Dobbs. Dobbs is an old, wise gentleman. I understand that many of the FOX anchors and news personalities have worked for him on another network, that he taught them the news business, and was a fair and kindly boss. Kelly actually shouted him down and made him sit there in silence while she went on a self-serving rant about her personal relationship with her husband and children and disputed what Dobbs was saying about children and working moms. Scary when you see the “bitch” factor surface so viciously from a pretty face.

    Fox News has lost its vision.

  9. Kelly you blew it You had it all and now you just like all the rest of the bimbos. I thought you were great before. Fearless and all. now just another follower. Its all over baby. you watch…..

  10. I personally did not like the questions during the debate; however, the treatment on the air of Jorge was acceptable. She is a good reporter for Fox and give her a pass. All will be fine at the end.

  11. What surprises anyone that she’s not on the straight and level? This is the same “fair and balanced journalist” who, when the Ferguson and Baltimore riots were in full swing, brought in Mark Fuhrman to speak about race issues and what the police should or should not do! People don’t forget so easily these days and neither will Trump.

  12. I really liked Megyn Kelly’s program and watched it all the time, but she ended that with the first debate with loaded questions to Donald Trump. I’m done with Megyn Kelly and her show.

  13. Miss Megyn has grown too big for her bloomers. She has always been hard to listen to but now there is a crassness and smart-alec attitude whic is very hard to watch. So now after O’Reilly, I skip to the insect and spider channel until it’s time for Hannity. and Greta. Please replace her with Imus. (Don Imus that is)

  14. Used to watch Kelly File, but closer to debate her attitude became crass and debate night I was stunned at her unprofessional behavior, also the other commentators weren’t much better. Fox keeps hailing the viewership, but they forgot who gave them the highest ratings ever, “we the people”, and what did we get in return? What did we really learn about the other candidates, really very little. It was gotcha questions, all three looked like reality TV panelists. Fox can continue to tout a professional debate with hard questions, but they haven’t accepted the reaction of the viewers, “we the people”. They tried to take Trump down and it was an epic fail!! Fox spent the following week justifying their poor performance, which means when you know you have screwed up big time – justify, justify, justify.

  15. I was once a very loyal fan of Fox News, however, since the debate and cover up of the bias questioning of certain Presidential candidates by “See No”, “Hear No”, and “Do No” panel baboons, I no longer look to Fox for any of my program viewing. One America News is my TV source for news and views.

  16. We used to watch The Kelly File all of the time. After the debate and other Fox News contenders, we no longer watch the show. She thinks she is just too good of a journalist, but she was proven wrong. I wonder what her ratings are now after her horrible, rude questions to trump and the present ordeals. She is just the worst journalist ever!

  17. FoxNews is no longer a part of this household.
    For this organization to boast of it’s journalist ethics while admitting they were trying to anger Trump so they could publicly escort him off stage is beyond despicable.
    They can glory in their own smugness, but as far as I am concerned, they can do it alone.

  18. Too bad for Megyn, she started out being loved, she was beautiful, smart and HUMBLE. Turned out to be so full of herself and with an attitude of smart A– that knows it all and can get away with her wise A– comments .and lost it. No longer is she America’s golden reporter. She did it all by herself with much conceit

  19. I have to agree that Megyn Kelly was kind of curt and didn’t give the leading GOP candidate the curtsy that she should have.
    However my thoughts are that the RNC, since it was a debate (haha) sponsored by the RNC the it was the RNC that made Fox to ask the first question “WILL YOU SUPPORT THE GOP” candidate?
    It’s because of the RNC that I am no longer a Republican. I’m 78 years old and I had been a Republican for about 50 years but the RNC i.e. the Rino’s made me go independent, I just couldn’t take their way of running the party.
    It was no longer the GOP it had become the GDP Grand Democratic Party.
    It would be a better country if we had a Parliamentary form of government. There would be more Party’s and we could have gotten rid of BHO in the first couple of years.

    A Veteran

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