Oh Joy, Barack Obama Is Back on the Campaign Trail


Barack Obama is returning to the campaign trail to save the Democrats and bring back the “magic”. His first foray will be for Democrat Ralph Northam in his bid to be Virginia’s next governor.

He just won’t go away. None of these leftists ever go away.

Virginia is the Democrat’s epicenter according to The Washington Post. Last week it was Georgia. Last month it was Montana. At one point it was Kansas.

HuffPost was the first to report the information about Obama in an article titled, All That Stands Between Democrats And A Massive Freakout Is This Man.

Pajama boy is all that stands between Democrats and a worse freakout than we have already seen? It will get worse than violent loons in the streets and crazed killers shooting Republican congressmen? worse than all of Hollywood talking about burning down the White House and assassinating Trump?

The article begins: Having lost a series of tantalizingly close congressional elections, the Democratic Party has now placed the fate of its collective psyche in the hands of an unassuming, soft-spoken pediatric neurologist. That would be Ralph.

What’s with the tantalizing close? The Democrats couldn’t even win over a reporter basher in Montana.

The four points in Georgia came after they spent at least $28 million on their election to the opponent’s $4.5 million.

In South Carolina, Ralph Norman won by 3 points.

Ron Estes won in Kansas’ 4th district by 7 points. Democrats called it “surprisingly close” according to WaPo.

The only race they won is in California in an illegal alien-Democrat district.

It’s not that tantalizing, but there could be problems down the road.

Democrats are putting up candidates for House races who have qualities normally found in Republicans. For example, Northam is a doctor who served in the Ramstein Air Force Base as the head of neurology and neurosurgery during the first Gulf War. That’s very appealing to a lot of people.

Make no mistake, Lt. Gov. Northam isn’t only a Democrat, he’s a Progressive. He’s far-left and he’s anti-gun. He’s thrown in with fascist Michael Bloomberg.

The Obama is back to make sure Northam wins and he will do the same for many other Democrats. The man who ruined the Democrat Party is going to save it by moving it further left.

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