Oh Lordy! Rashida told Trump to go back where he came from in 2015


This is ironic! The President rolled out his idea of a temporary ban on certain dangerous Muslim countries. The ban ended up being misrepresented and overblown by the media and Democrats as a Muslim ban. Rashida Tlaib tweeted, “Deport this A**hole!”

This is the woman who has ranted against the President after he told her and her communistic allies to go back to their home countries, fix them, and tell us how they did it. However, she said it first.

Trump aimed his recent comments at the squad — AOC, Tlaib, Omar, and Pressley — but only one was a naturalized citizen. It should be noted that Tlaib told Trump to go back where he came from and he was born in the United States.

To add to this, Omar talked about deporting a Maine mayor. Lewiston was overwhelmed with Muslims and it completely changed the culture of the town. They now also have a crime wave.

She was responding to this tweet.

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